New 'Iron Man 3' Clip & TV Spot: Tony Stark Invites Trouble to His Doorstep

Another day, another bit of Iron Man 3 promotion. In case you've been unaware up to this point, the last month alone has brought us new TV spots revealing the Mandarin's army and Pepper Potts in action (among other things); new artwork and trailers, revealing many new Iron Man armors and battle sequences featured in the movie; and endless quotes from the cast and crew about what this third installment will offer.

Ending out the week, we have a new international TV spot that highlights Iron Man 3's connection to The Avengers - and a new clip from the film, showing a reckless decision on the part of Tony Stark.

The international TV spot pretty much spotlights the three major set pieces we've seen throughout the marketing blitz: Tony's Malibu home being destroyed in the Mandarin's attack; an aerial sequence featuring Tony and Rhodey (in his new Iron Patriot armor) trying to save the crew members of Air Force One; and finally, the sequence at a ship yard featuring Tony summoning his Iron Legion army.

That's all to say: very little new material to see here:

Much more interesting, however, is the clip at the top. In terms of sequencing, it clearly foreshadows the Mandarin's assault on Tony's home - which is set up as almost Karmic payback for the hubris Tony displays by dropping his home address to the Mandarin in a televised broadcast.

...The Mandarin doesn't just come knocking, he blows the frickn' door right off its hinges.


Iron Man 3 will be in theaters on May 3rd.

Sources: Marvel & Yahoo

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New 'Iron Man 3' Clip & TV Spot: Tony Stark Invites Trouble to His Doorstep