6 'Iron Man' Armors We Want In Marvel's Movie Universe

Iron Man 3 Hulkbuster Armor

First Seen In: Iron Man Vol. 1, #304.

The super-sized 'Hulkbuster' Armor has gone through different iterations with varying writers and artists, but the basic theory is fairly simple: it's a bigger, stronger (and as Hulk-proof as possible) version of Tony's suit technology. The name tells you who it's intended to keep in check, and over the years has come in handy more than once.

For fans of The Avengers, it may be hard to see the friendly pair of Stark and Dr. Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) going from swapping brilliant scientific insights to exchanging punches, but such is the risk when dealing with an enormous green rage-monster.

As much of a team player as the Hulk turned out to be by the end of The Avengers, hints have been dropped that 'Phase Three' could see not just adaptations of the "Planet Hulk" storyline, but "World War Hulk" as well. Ruffalo has confirmed that more movies are in the works, and it's hard for us to think of a better use for the character. And if Hulk goes haywire, the 'Hulkbuster' is almost guaranteed.

Fans will debate which version of the hulking armor will be chosen to adapt, and filmmakers may go a completely different route. Either way works for us, since the prospect of the Hulk going toe-to-toe with an opponent his own size is promising enough - it even offered a few laughs and memorable moments in his last standalone film.

But put Stark into the role, knowing how quickly the pair became fast friends, and that's the kind of drama (and CG extravaganza) we can get behind.

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