6 'Iron Man' Armors We Want In Marvel's Movie Universe

Iron Man 3 Stealth Armor

First Seen In: Iron Man Vol. 5, Issue #3.

We know what you're thinking: if you've got a flying, repuslor-beam-shooting suit of armor, sneaking around to avoid security guards seems like more of an afterthought. But it's probably best to just suspend disbelief and accept that some of Tony Stark's investigations will lead him places that it's best he not be seen.

For that job, a jet-black suit of near-invisible armor is a necessity. So it's no surprise that Iron Man has had a Stealth suit of armor in the comics for decades now. Where the original MK I and MK II were depicted as completely black versions of the standard armor - equipped with technology to erase the suit's radar signature - a digital age calls for a new take on covert design.

It's fairly clear why we hope to see the current "Iron Man" comic's MK IV Stealth Armor in live-action: the combination of black metal and ice-blue lighting worked wonders in TRON: Legacy, so just imagine what it would add to an aerial dogfight scene... fine, maybe we just want to see more white lights and glossy black armor.

But if Iron Man's role in the next chapter of the Marvel movie universe is going to become even larger, Robert Downey, Jr.'s wit is only going to get him so far. He proved snooping wasn't below him in The Avengers, so it only makes sense that Stark would up his game in the future. Seeing a silent, near-invisible suit of armor flying over clandestine military bases would be something genuinely new to the series, and the absence of weapons in order to power surveillance equipment builds suspense out of even the slightest unexpected twist.

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