Exclusive New 'Iron Man 2' Whiplash IMAX Poster

iron man 2 exclusive whiplash poster imax

Today there are two new Iron Man 2 posters debuting on the web. Screen Rant was given an exclusive first look at one, while our friends over at Coming Soon were given the exclusive first look at the other.

The new poster we received (if you haven't guessed) features Mickey Rourke's character, the villainous Ivan Vanko, sporting the energized lariats of his alter-ego, Whiplash.

The new poster is somewhat reminiscent of the Whiplash poster that debuted back in December, except that we're now seeing the character from a brand new angle.

See for yourself:


Like I said, pretty much like the first Whiplash poster, just from a different angle (and without the creepy-yet-cool board of Tony Stark clippings in the background).

However, I must say yet again that no matter the poster, trailer, TV spot, or even action figurine, all we seem to be seeing of Whiplash is this homemade harness outfit that he sports when attacking Tony Stark during the Monaco race track sequence. Is this really going to be the only version of Whiplash we see in Iron Man 2? Or does director Jon Favreau have yet another surprise up his sleeve?

Be sure to check out the other exclusive new Iron Man 2 poster over at Coming Soon!

As if I needed to tell you, Iron Man 2 will be in theaters on May 7th. Can't wait.

Source: Paramount

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