Iron Man 2 Viral Headline #3

A new piece to the Iron Man 2 viral marketing puzzle has appeared, and today it's the folks over at CHUD who are holding it. If you haven't been keeping up, you can get a look at the first two pieces to the puzzle by going HERE and HERE.

Iron Man 2 fans have really been digging into these faux newspaper clippings of their favorite hero, dissecting every word and picture in an attempt to discern what surprises Iron Man 2 may yet have in store.

So far, director Jon Favreau and the Iron Man 2 cast have done top-notch work keeping things under wraps - I just hope that there is some sort of legitimate surprise waiting at the end of this little viral game, and not just a 'setup for the mood of the film' as some of our readers have suggested.

One clue to help you out: keep note of the highlighted portions on each headline that's released.

Here is piece #3 of the puzzle:

(Click for larger image)

Also remember: a lot of these headline clips are reminiscent of those we saw pasted up on the wall in the official Whiplash poster that was released last week. This is all building toward something - but what?

In other Iron Man 2 news: don't miss some exclusive footage from the film, which is set to premiere tomorrow night! Go HERE for details.

What are your theories about this latest viral puzzle piece?

Iron Man 2 blasts into theaters on May 7, 2010.

Source: CHUD

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