New Iron Man 2 Behind The Scenes Video

The folks over at Geek Tyrant dug up a wonderful seven minute behind-the-scenes look at Iron Man 2. The video, which comes from the French movie channel Canal Plus includes enough behind-the-scenes tidbits to calm even the most rabid of Iron Man fans (for 7 minutes, at least).

Now, I know you're thinking that because this video is from France that it'll be in another language and you'll just have to watch it and pretend to understand what they're saying. No need to worry as the language in this video and how I like my salads have a lot in common: Not very much French.

Inside you'll not only see interviews with director Jon Favreau and Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., but you'll also get a little tour of Tony Stark's updated workshop and take a glimpse of the filming of several scenes - including being able to see an awesome green screen rig they have set up at the racetrack.

So what are you doing still reading? You should have skipped down below already and started watching the video. (I just don't know about you guys with all this reading. Pshh Reading is so 90's. Much like the Urkel Dance.)

I don't know about you, but this film keeps looking better and better. Tony Stark has his own particle accelerator! (and I thought the only way to get one of those was to become a Ghostbuster. Remember: It's not a toy)

I would have had this video posted earlier, but I kept watching it over and over. (and I had do the Urkel Dance)

Thoughts? Concerns? Baguettes? They're all welcome.

Iron Man 2 hits theaters May 7, 2010.

Source: Canal Plus [via: Geek Tyrant]

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