New 'Iron Man 2' TV Spots

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As if the recent release of Iron Man 2 clips, a new Black Widow poster, and a complete scene from the film wasn't enough to get us pumped for the most anticipated blockbuster of 2010, we now have two more TV spots to add to the mix.  May 7th cannot get here soon enough, it seems.

This first spot, "Personality," is a nice reassurance that Iron Man 2 will have its fill of billionaire-cum-superhero Tony Stark's fast-talking wit (and yes, Robert Downey Jr. is still made of awesome).  We also get a brief glance at the Whiplash/Iron Man battle along with some new footage of Scarlett Johansson kickin' butt as the Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff, while getting her flirt on with Mr. Stark (and yes, she's still sporting an English accent for now).

But enough from me, have a look for yourselves:



The second new TV spot, "Attitude," provides us with some generally nice but familiar shots of action and things going boom.  It also implies that Stark's Iron Man, Col. Rhodes' (Don Cheadle, replacing Terrence Howard) War Machine, and the Black Widow form a team of sorts in the battle against Justin Hammer's (Sam Rockwell) league of robotic Iron Men.

Here's that clip for your viewing pleasure as well:


Finally, in case you missed them, here are all of the Iron Man 2 TV spots that we have collected so far. Enjoy:


Look for a lot more updates on the comic book behemoth as we countdown to the official release date of Iron Man 2 in the U.S., on May 7, 2010.

Source: /Film

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