Iron Man 2 Trailer Has Arrived! [Updated: Plus 30 New Images]

So the viral Iron Man 2 puzzle wasn't as complicated as some of us thought... Latino Review got the final clue and it turns out that it was all about the one word highlighted in each newspaper clipping, and combined they make up the domain name of a website:


At the time the website was revealed, it was on a 60 minute countdown to the launch of the first Iron Man 2 trailer that we've all been waiting for, and now it's finally arrived at (which is where the site above now points)!

You can geek out over the HD trailer right now at the following location:

A lot of what is in the trailer is the same footage that was shown at Comic-Con last summer, but there is plenty new footage as well. I liked seeing Whiplash working on his tech and a couple of shots mirroring Tony Stark in Afghanistan building the Mark I armor. Sweet shot of Whiplash splitting Tony's race car in two and I liked the glimpse of action towards the end with the cars exploding - and of course we get the slightest teaser of Iron Man fighting side by side with War Machine.

Here's a standard version of the trailer:

[wpvideo vkOxDBi6 w=570]

In a word: W00t!

And here are 30 screen grabs from the trailer for your enjoyment. :)

I'm stoked for the sequel, let us know what you think!

Iron Man 2 opens on May 7, 2010

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