Final 'Iron Man 2' Viral Site & Interactive Webcam Game

iron man augmented reality experience stark fujikawa

Hopefully you've been keeping tabs on the Iron Man 2 viral sites which have been popping up in the last week. If so, then today you'll be pleased to know that the third (and presumably final) Iron Man 2 viral site is up and running, boasting yet another piece of Stark technology that could transform life as we know it.

If viral sites are not your thing, that's cool - we also have a new Iron Man 2 interactive game - dubbed the "augmented reality experience - which utilizes your computer's webcam in order to put you inside the Iron Man or War Machine armor. If you've ever wanted to BE Iron Man, now is your chance.

For those who haven't been following along, the Iron Man 2 viral site has taken the form of a mock-promo ad for the 2010 Stark Expo, a technology expo which serves as a pivotal plot point of Iron Man 2.

With each new reveal on the Stark Expo Website, we've been introduced to a new Stark Enterprises subsidiary ("Accutech," "Cordo") which has unveiled a new revolutionary piece of Stark technology currently in development.

Many people were underwhelmed when the first viral video appeared online - but the second viral video, which showcased a "sonic fire extinguisher" had me wondering if we weren't looking at the fictional technology that would eventually give rise to Klaw, a classic Avengers villain who uses a sonic wave generator as his weapon of choice.

This latest viral video (from Stark Fujikawa) showcases a pair of glasses that work as a computer operating system - much like Iron Man's helmet. Take a look:

At first I thought these viral videos were kind of weak, but after viewing them all multiple times, I think they do their job well: hinting at plot points and themes of Iron Man 2, specifically how the "real world" would adapt to the notion of a technologically advanced superhero, and how Tony tries to transform his company into something more noble than a weapons manufacturer.

And, like I said about the "sonic extinguisher" video, these viral sites also make you wonder (if you're a geek like me) what could possibly arise if all this wonderful new Stark Tech were to fall into the wrong hands (Ultron, anyone?).



iron man 2 augmented reailty experience

Now for a little bit of fun. A new site called has launched, giving you the ability to use your computer webcam in order to have the Iron Man and/or War Machine helmets imposed over your face, much like the filmmakers did for certain shots of Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle in action (see the pic above).

The process is a little bit complicated (I'm still having trouble getting it to work properly) but there is a handy little instructional video that I've provided for you guys below.

SAFETY NOTE: You'll only be Iron Man/War Machine on your computer, so don't run out your trying to save the world, and definitely DO NOT try to fly out your window - you will only hurt yourself ;-) .

With only two weeks left to go we'll soon be coming to the end of the Iron Man 2 promotional push. Be sure to stay tuned though, because Screen Rant's head honcho Vic Holtreman is currently out in LA catching the Iron Man 2 press screening and he's already sending back some choice reports. If you went to get the lowdown early (SPOILER FREE of course!) then you need to check back with us often!

Iron Man 2 will be in theaters on May 7th.

Sources: Stark Expo & I Am Iron Man 2 Website

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