Iron Man 2 Secrets Revealed

So the Iron Man 2 trailer has finally debuted and rocked our world with its awesomeness. Now that the initial euphoria has worn off, here are some details you may have missed while watching the trailer. Many of these would not be noticed by the average person, but being the long time, consummate Iron Man fan that I am, I geek out on these little details and enjoy the heck out of finding them.

Although everything shown below appears in the trailer, you MAY consider some of my "revelations" spoilers - you have been warned.

Hopefully you'll get some enjoyment out of these little trailer "secrets" as well. :)


You may not be able to tell the subtle differences, but the armor in the image above, while similar to the Mark III (red and gold) armor from the previous film, there ARE differences. Most notably in the area just to the inside of the shoulders (trapezius area) and the abdominal and oblique sections, as well as in the forearm and hand armor. Note that the chest beam is still circular.


First off, just gotta comment at the uber-industrial and heavy duty look of the War Machine armor. I like it a LOT. Now, note the chest piece on Tony's armor: Triangular. So Tony dons two different suits of armor in the film, which I will assume they'll dub the Mark V armor.


Here's a full look at what I'm calling the Mark V Iron Man armor. Triangular chest beam and different leg armor design that seems to go higher up the leg and into the hip area. [Update: Actually there may be yet ANOTHER version of the armor in the film because it seems that the armor above may in fact by the Mark VI.]


Right here we have a full shot of War Machine in a bad-ass pose, doing what he does best. VERY cool seeing him in action. Also note that while in the film Rhodey (Stark's long time friend) starts out in a conflict with Tony over Tony's refusal to share the Iron Man tech with the government, that in the end it seems they team up to fight on the same side. What they will fight follows...


It looks like James Rhodes' desire to adapt the Iron Man tech for military use was successful as shown in the scene above. This is a scene from the end of the trailer where Iron Man and War Machine are fighting side by side. What's gone wrong and WHY Rhodes joins Stark is something we'll have to wait for the movie to find out. :)

What about you? Did you pick out any "secrets" I may have missed? Sound off below!

Iron Man 2 opens on May 7, 2010

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