Iron Man 2 Repulsor Tech Viral Site & New TV Spot [Updated]

iron man 2 repulsor tech viral video

[Update: Is the latest IM2 viral site hinting at a new Marvel Movie villain?]

In three weeks Iron Man 2 will crash through the roof of your local theater complex. In the meantime, Paramount Pictures has released some new marketing material for the highly anticipated sequel - a viral video and a new TV spot.

Bet you can guess which one is more exciting. That's right...the TV spot. Although the viral video (and new site) does give a possible hint at a certain "klawed" menace could appear in the Marvel movie universe...

In what could be one of the most boring viral campaigns of all time, Paramount has released "guerrilla" footage of a Stark Industry presentation demonstrating the repulsor ray technology. The caption under the video reads: "saw this guy presenting recently, no cameras allowed but I managed to snag this. AMAZING tech."

The video is a little over thirty seconds long and cuts out right as the presenter aligns his wrist to showcase the weapon - which is about as interesting as a video showing Steve Jobs clicking through marketing slides before it cuts out two seconds before the reveal of a new Apple product.


Ultimately, the "viral ad" feels dated - like it should have come out before the Iron Man 2 teaser trailer or other marketing materials released for the film.

Imagine if we had seen this six months ago (with some kind of website attached to it that would lead viewers to the recently released Stark Expo site)?

With all the garbage on YouTube, it's difficult to imagine why the Iron Man 2 marketing machine thought this would help build anticipation for the film at this stage of the game - especially considering all of the action-packed trailers already out in the wild.

Update: Looks like this repulsor tech video was just the teaser for a new Iron Man 2 viral website called Cordco. The faux company is a subsidiary of Star Industries charged with following Tony Stark in his transition from arms manufacturer to life-saving technology creator. Or as Cordco MD Karl Oakley puts it:

"All we had to do was come up with some positive, world changing ideas based on [Tony's] radical new technology. So - no pressure then..."

The first Cordco video introduces a "Sonic Fire Extinguisher", which uses sound waves to put out forest fires. Check out the video below:

Anybody familiar with the Iron Man and Avengers universe will recognize the potential hint that this video offers: could it be an early teaser for the classic Marvel villain Klaw, who uses the same sort of sound-wave gauntlet technology for evil intent? We haven't really heard Klaw's name surface too often for either The Avengers or Iron Man 3 - but that's not to say there aren't plans for him in the works...

avengers iron man 3 Ulysses Klaw

On another note, Paramount has also released a new Iron Man 2 TV spot. The ad is a standard thirty-five second spot and features a couple new pieces of footage - unfortunately, no shots of Olivia Munn.


Anything new catch your eye in the TV spot? What do you think of the viral ad?

Iron Man 2 will be released on May 7th 2010.

Source: Latino Review, SHH

Update Source: Cordco via /Film

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