Iron Man 2 NOT In 3D?

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It was reported back in September of 2008 that Iron Man 2 was planned to be in 3D IMAX. Our own Vic Holtreman was pretty psyched about the idea, but unfortunately it didn't work out as planned (director Jon Favreau cited budget issues as one of the reasons), and instead Iron Man 3 is being planned for the 3D IMAX experience.

However, just this September word of Iron Man 2 being in 3D surfaced again (from AICN).  This time the report stated that Iron Man 2 was being converted to 3D, since it wasn't originally filmed for it. The reason for Marvel pricking their ears up to the notion of Iron Man 2 (and Iron Man 1) being in 3D was that a one-minute clip was converted into three-dimensions and was apparently so impressive the studio looked around at three separate companies who specialize in 3D conversion.

But those who were psyching themselves up for seeing the Iron Man sequel pop out of the screen will have to hold on for the third installment, as news has recently surfaced from 3D fanatic site Market Saw, which trumps the Iron Man 2 3D rumors. Market Saw say they have it from, "a very good source (one very much in the know)," that Iron Man 2 will NOT be in 3D as previously reported.

Market Saw are still digging for info about this (read: check back with us for updates!), but from what they can tell us at this point in time it's a no-go on the Iron Man 2 in 3D front. However, the site does tease us with a little piece of "info" that says the return of Tony Stark as our favorite iron clad superhero isn't the ONLY property Marvel is considering for 3D - could this mean that, as fellow Screen Rant writer Kofi Outlaw previously speculated on, we could see Captain America and Thor in three-dimensions?...

It's certainly a strong possibility, I'd say.

I'm not usually a fan of 3D, but I must admit seeing Iron Man (as well as Captain America and Thor) kicking ass in three dimensions could be pretty awesome. However, I much prefer it when the movie is actually developed from the get-go for 3D, as opposed to being filmed in standard format and then converted - it just means all the moments when the 3D really "hits" you, you know it was designed and woven into the proceedings for that purpose and not just added on at a later date "just for the sake of it."

I know opinion will be split on this one - a lot of folks will be cheering that 3D is off the table for Iron Man (at least for the second movie), but there will be others who will lament it. As much as I would normally be in the former camp, I must side with the latter on this one. It looks like all I can do now is look forward to Iron Man 3 (yes, we're already looking that far ahead around here :) ) in 3D (Iron Man 3-D?).

NOTE: This news does not necessarily mean we won't see Iron Man 2 in IMAX, it's just the 3D that (as far as we know) is out.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant as we inevitably get more on this.

Iron Man 2 kicks off the summer season next year, on May 7th, 2010.

Source: Market Saw (thanks to Cinemablend)

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