Iron Man 2: The Making of Iron Man's Armor

Behind the Scenes Making of Iron Man's Armor

If you've ever had the privilege to be on a major motion picture set, you know just how much work goes on behind-the-scenes to bring a film to life. When that film is Iron Man 2, you can pretty much multiply that effort by 10. Making Of recently sat down for a video interview with the folks at Legacy Effects Studio to get some details on how they designed the armor for Iron Man, Whiplash, and War Machine.

Speaking with Shane Mahan, Dave Merrit, and Ian Joyner, the Making Of featurette goes into great detail on what went into creating the suits, some of the differences from the armor in the first Iron Man film, and which one of the pieces of armor was the most fun to build. Bear in mind that there are some mild spoilers during the interview, so if you haven't seen Iron Man 2 yet, you might want to plug your ears from time to time.

How awesome are these guys at their jobs? The detail that went into each piece of armor is just amazing. It's even more impressive when you consider that in most cases they made more than one version of each suit, and, as much as is humanly possible, each suit actually has mechanical functions.

I'm always fascinated by videos like this. For someone who doesn't work in the industry, it's always very cool to learn about the men and the women behind the scenes who don't get the kind of exposure as the big stars, but still play just as important a role in making the film a success.

While Iron Man 2 may not have lived up to the precedent set by the first film (see our Iron Man 2 review), the movie was still a rousing success at the box office, earning over $322M worldwide. I truly believe that, in part, some of that success comes from the hard work of people like the guys at Legacy Effects.

What do you think of the video? What was your favorite piece of armor from Iron Man 2?

Source: Making Of

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