Iron Man 2 Script By Tropic Thunder Writer??

Uh oh.

That's my first reaction to news that Tropic Thunder co-writer Justin Theroux is in final negotiations to write the screenplay for Iron Man 2.

No slam against the guy personally, but why is he in the running to write the script for Iron Man 2? I suppose it could be because both Iron Man and Tropic Thunder are Paramount movies, but this news gives me the willies.

Theroux has a long history as an actor, and he directed his first film last year. That film, Dedication, is a romantic comedy is rated at 41% at Rotten Tomatoes and 50% at Metacritic.

He co-wrote Tropic Thunder with Ben Stiller, and while the marketing and trailers are funny:

  1. It remains to be seen whether the movie itself will be a laugh-riot.
  2. Why hire someone who's (co-)written ONE comedy screenplay to write a sequel to Iron Man?

Ok, fine - you could have said the same thing about Jon Favreau coming on board for Iron Man, and that has been a mega-hit with over $560 million at the box office worldwide. But how do you go from the writers of the critically acclaimed Children of Men to the writer of Tropic Thunder for the sequel?

Source: Hollywood Reporter via AICN

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