Iron Man 2: Minimate Mystery & Favreau On Secret Identities

Today we have a couple new Iron Man 2 items to share. The first is an interview with Jon Favreau, where the Iron Man 2 director discusses the narrative angle of a superhero who no longer has a secret identity.

The second item is a gallery of Iron Man 2-themed Minimate toys, which were revealed to us courtesy of Diamond Select. The toys offer a look at some of the film's armor designs, characters, and there's even a little mystery involved...


Jon Favreau talked to The LA Times recently about why Tony Stark's big reveal at the end of Iron Man WAS such a big reveal and why it's now the focal point of the Iron Man 2's story.

Check out a few select quotes:

"The superhero genre has been picked over pretty thoroughly with all the different titles, sequels, reboots. It's tough to keep it fresh and not do something that is derivative of something someone else has done. By taking a left turn at the end of the first film and making him a public figure, it opened it up to a whole lot of new possibilities. It goes beyond your standard secret identity/caped crusader model."

"Usually the hero is forced to live an even more bifurcated existence between the esteemed persona of the superhero version of himself and the humble or disguised existences of his secret-identity self...All of these franchises struggle to find their different angle on all of that as they move forward but the thing is it's all fairly limited and limiting. There are only so many stories there. We're flying in a different direction."

The man makes a great point: we have yet to really get the story of a superhero who must inhabit both sides of his dual identity 24/7. Usually we get the superhero whose "normal life" is mundane and limiting, while the superhero persona is some sort of emotional outlet. However, because of Stark's reckless actions, now the whole world knows he is both a wealthy genius AND a guy who can save them whenever they're in peril. And you thought  Brangelina had paparazzi and stalker problems?

If you want to hear Favreau talk more in depth about this concept and what it means for Tony Stark in the narrative arch of Iron Man 2, go HERE.


Diamond Select has posted pics of the Iron Man 2 line of Marvel Minimate toys (see above), featuring all kinds of "Hammer Drone" models (those would be the armor suit drones we saw Iron Man and War Machine battling in the Iron Man 2 trailer), along with Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), War Machine (Don Cheadle), Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Whiplash (Mickey Rourke) and Justin Hammer himself (Sam Rockwell).

However, if you take a look at the pic above, you'll surely notice a shadowy figure in the upper-left-hand corner. I only have two questions:

  1. Is it the rumored model of Whiplash's completed armor?
  2. Is it a model of Iron Man armor we have yet to see?

According to Diamond Select, we'll find out when the line of Iron Man 2 Minimates is released in March. For more of the gallery, go HERE.

I'm kind of hoping (and I'm sure others of you are as well) that this shadowy figure is in fact Whiplash in a more "finished" form. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled.

Iron Man 2 hits theaters May 7, 2010

Sources: Diamond Select, The LA Times (Hat tip to Superhero Hype)

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