New Iron Man 2 Footage to Premiere This Week [Updated]

Iron Man 2 Viral

Update: We now have an HD version of the footage promo (featuring War Machine)!

Entertainment Tonight is going to air yet another exclusive look at Iron Man 2 this week. If you didn't see the previous videos from ET's set visit, go HERE and HERE to check those out.

As per usual, Entertainment Tonight has aired a promo ad for their exclusive footage premiere, and we have taken the liberty of snagging that video for you (courtesy of Superhero Hype).While a preview of a preview might seem like a strange concept to some, I know a lot of you Iron Man 2 fans are going to be drooling in excitement over this promo ad, let alone the actual premiere of ET's footage, which incidentally airs on Wednesday of this week.

Enough talk, here's the promo ad. See how many Iron Man 2 gems you can spot in it:

If you've been following Iron Man 2 closely, you will have already noticed that the second video shows what looks to be the "concert scene" that we here at Screen Rant first caught wind of back when we nabbed some outdoor set photos of a huge green screen stage set, which (I believe) was used to shoot the "concert" sequence we are now seeing for the very first time!

(That's just a little bit of geek fact for ya!)

It's not like I should have to tell you, but if you want the full look at the  Iron Man 2 footage, you'll have to tune in to Entertainment Tonight. Go HERE to check your local listings for the show.

Source: Entertainment Tonight via Superhero Hype

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