Iron Man 2: Favreau Talks Mandarin, War Machine & More

In a live chat with the Los Angeles Time, Jon Favreau discussed where things stand with Iron Man 2, and was kind enough to clean up the results and extract some interesting new information.

Among the items revealed were where they are as far as the script, comparisons to The Dark Knight, and why some superhero movies fail.

Here's a bullet point list of what's new and interesting about Iron Man 2:

  • They have not yet settled on a villain, but The Mandarin is still in the background pulling the strings.
  • He is working with writer Justin Theroux on the first draft of the script.
  • The gist of the story is what happens now that Tony Stark has said "I am Iron Man."
  • Jon hinted that Sam Jackson may appear in the movie as Nick Fury (as opposed to the disconnected cameo in the first film).
  • When asked about War Machine he replied: "We need War Machine. Agreed. Shoulder cannons and all."
  • Regarding the early May 2010 target date for release of the film, he said that it's daunting, however they're making faster progress due to less design required and fewer casting issues.
  • Regarding The Dark Knight, he said that it gave "a new found credibility" to the superhero movie genre and that he's sure it won't be overlooked come Oscar season.

Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, and Terrence Howard will all be returning for the sequel.

Regarding why some directors just don't "get" the superhero genre, Favreau gave a great answer that reflected why both Iron Man and The Dark Knight did so well:

"The reason superhero films [fail] is either the director was unfamiliar [with the] source material or the director chose to depart from it for personal reasons. Another reason is that the studios that had the rights to a particular franchise would never think twice about compromising the source material if thought it would enhance the commercial appeal"

Regarding The Mandarin and potential bad guys, he made this interesting comment:

"We have an interesting take on him that allows us to incorporate the whole pantheon of villains."

So... War Machine? Gotta have the shoulder cannons? Honor the source material? More SHIELD?

Sweet. :-)

I know it's WAY early but I think that Favreau and the gang are on the right track once again and that we have another kick-butt movie to look forward to that will not only concentrate on the characters but will have even more action than the first film.

Iron Man 2 is scheduled to open on May 7, 2010.

For more detail from the chat including how the Marvel Universe is inter-related in the different upcoming movies be sure to visit Rope of Silicon.

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