New Iron Man 2 Interactive Trailer & Dr. Pepper Commercial

Iron Man 2 Dr. Pepper Commercial

[Update: We've added the Iron Man 2 Interactive Trailer!]

If you're one of the millions of Iron Man fans out there who can barely stand waiting another month for Iron Man 2, we've got a few things that could help. One is an awesome new Iron Man 2 interactive trailer - the other? No, it's not behind the scenes footage or an unreleased clip - it's not even a new cut of the previously released trailers.

What is it? Well, umm, it's a commercial for Dr. Pepper.

First up, let's have a look at the new Iron Man 2 interactive trailer. The interactive trailer takes you through the latest Iron Man 2 trailer, highlighting all the key players and events that the average (read: non-geek) moviegoer may not be aware of. Check it out:

Now, before you start knocking down my door, I promise there is some merit to the new commercial (which was released exclusively to SuperHeroHype). For one thing, it has Marvel legend Stan "The Man" Lee. Also, it's part of a bigger marketing contest that could help you win some pretty cool LG electronics (including a flat screen TV, cell phone, stereo system, etc). Check out the spot below.

Love it or hate it, tie-in marketing and product placement is a major part of Hollywood filmmaking, and big-budget action films like Iron Man 2 are the best targets.

While I understand how this bothers a lot of people, as a marketer by trade, I don't generally get annoyed by it. Of course, that's assuming that the advertising in question is in keeping with the style of the film (you can't sell soda with Schindler's List, for example)

In this case, I think that the Iron Man 2 Dr. Pepper commercial is funny and well-produced (though it wouldn't have hurt to give Smilin' Stan a line or two). What do you think? Did you like the commercial? How do you feel about movie tie-in advertising?

Iron Man 2 will be in theaters May 7, 2010. As if you didn't know.

Source: SuperHeroHype & Iron Man Movie

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