New Iron Man 2 Clip and Awesome Fan Videos [Updated]

Iron Man 2 new clip

[Update: We've added the Iron Man 2 remix trailer]

The Internet has armored up with three new Iron Man 2 videos. One is actually footage from the film, a scene featuring a showdown of sorts between Tony Stark and Justin Hammer. The other two are fantastic fan-generated videos featuring a Hugh Grant punch to the face, courtesy of Iron Man, and a graceful dancing moment between the Shellhead and Patrick Swayze. Even better, both add a healthy dose of AC/DC, so rock fans can rejoice.

The 38-second clip features non-stop banter, with nearly everybody getting a cheap shot in on somebody else. The trailers have not been shy to promote the humor of Iron Man 2, and surely many fans loved the first installment for its balance of action and comedy. With Kick-Ass making a somewhat weak splash at the box office this past weekend, critics were quick to claim the superhero comedy genre is not a money maker. They should take a step back and look at the essence of the first Iron Man film.

Bringing a dynamic actor like Downey Jr. into the picture added a man whose sense of humor seems one of a kind in Hollywood right now. That is, except for Sam Rockwell. So, while many anxiously await the showdown of Rockwell and Downey, Jr., their best scene may very well be right here.

The clip from Iron Man 2 is loaded with sarcasm and low blows, but also finally gives is an extended look at Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer. It's great to see Rockwell bringing his sarcastic humor to the part, as he will perfectly complement Robert Downey, Jr.'s Tony Stark. Only he can pull off saying "BTW" on screen. Even better, the beautiful Leslie Bibb reprises her role as promiscuous reporter Christine Everhart, who is clearly still "making the rounds."

More importantly, the clip has a clever way of telling us Pepper Potts is taking over as CEO of Stark Industries, presumably because Tony Stark is too busy flying around town in a homemade suit. I'm not sure that was mentioned until now, but either way it adds another interesting aspect to their relationship.

Iron Man 2 scene

Even as his second film nears its May 7th release date, Iron Man is keeping busy by punching Hugh Grant in the face and frolicking with Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. The Swayze video actually got a Twitter shout out from director Jon Favreau, prompting immediate legitimacy. Frankly, watching Iron Man sock Hugh Grant made my day, so it's a toss-up.

I bet you never thought you'd watch a clip from Dirty Dancing on our site, but today's your lucky day. What better opportunity to tap into the '80s classic than replacing Jennifer Grey with Iron Man? Thanks to FilmDrunk sharing the video, we now know where he got his flying technique...


Courtesy of Gamma Squad, The video integration of Shell Head into other films continues with his powerful performance in The Bridget Jones Diary where he fulfills many film lovers' dreams of delivering a knuckle sandwich to Hugh Grant's front door. If that's not enough, the AC/DC should do it for you...


Update: Finally, we have the Iron Man 2 Remix Trailer, which was put together by "Mike Relm." The trailer is basically  a visual techno remix version of the trailer we know and love. You GOTTA check it out:

Sick, right?

Iron Man 2 releases in theaters and IMAX on May 7th, 2010.

Source: MSN (via CBM) & Mike Relm

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