First Look At The Iron Man 2 Armor!

Check out our exclusive first look at the new and improved armor from Iron Man 2.

Straight from the floor of the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con Screen Rant gives you your first look at the new, redesigned armor from Iron Man 2. Above is a shot of the "Hall of Armors" display at the Marvel kiosk highlighting the Mark I, II and III armors - plus a fourth one. These were life sized and people were able to get within a few feet of them.

While the Mark III armor in the image above is battle damaged, being a hard core Iron Man fan I saw the differences between that armor and the new one on the far right immediately. Check out the image below for a comparison between the two (sorry about the fuzziness of the current armor on the left):


Changes include a more downward-angled abdominal area, more angular bicep pieces, redesigned thigh armor (including increased gold area), redesigned gauntlets, fuller epaulets (shoulder area) and slimmer boots. The changes are subtle but they definitely make the new suit look a bit sleeker and more advanced.

Check out a close up look at the new (Mark IV?) armor:

So what do you think about Tony Stark's new duds?

Iron Man 2 opens on May 7, 2010.

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