Iron Man 2 Viral Website Updates

Here's a look at the latest updates to the Iron Man 2 viral marketing campaign, which include some interesting nods to other Marvel movies.

Iron Man 2 Viral

At the end of last month, the folks behind Iron Man 2's viral marketing rolled out a cool new website for the Stark Expo 2010. The Stark Expo, for those who were wondering, is a sort-of World's Fair for technological innovation that Tony Stark's father started in the 1960s, but ended in 1974 (for reasons which are presumably pertinent to the plot of the film). Since then, a couple of additions have been made to the site, including a new section for AccuTech, a fictional subsidiary of Stark Enterprises.

The AccuTech website, which was first found by /Film, does not feature a ton of content, but it does offer some interesting nuggets for observant Marvel fans. For instance, watch the video below carefully and see if anything looks familiar. The video, by the way, serves as an introduction to AccuTech and the company's "HazTech Exoskeleton."

If you didn't catch it the first time, watch the video again, but right around five seconds in (1:26 remaining in the video) did you notice the brief shot of the humvee-mounted sonic wave guns used to subdue The Hulk in The Incredible Hulk? If AccuTech is indeed the manufacturer of that technology, that would mesh with the fact that Iron Man 2 takes place before the events of The Incredible Hulk.

Another interesting thing that I noticed wasn't in the video itself, but rather in the video player. At the top of the player, the tab for AccuTech is opened, which plays the "HazTech" video. However, there are also tabs (though you can't click on them) for two other Stark Industries subsidiaries, Cordco and Fujikawa. Fans of Marvel will recognize that Cordco is a company founded by Tony Stark's adversary Drexel Cord, while Fujikawa is the company that would merge with Stark Enterprises to become Stark-Fujikawa in the short-lived Marvel 2099 series of comics.

One other thing that is interesting about the video, if you believe it, is the actual design of the AccuTech logo. Does it look familiar in any way? If you think so, that's because the folks at Bleeding Cool think it's reminiscent of The Avengers logo from the comic books. Check out a screengrab from the video and The Avengers Logo below to compare.

Accutech Logo Similar to Avengers Logo?


The Avengers logo from the comics

I, for one, am not convinced that the close look of the two logos is anything special or intentional. While there is something to be said about their similarity, to me, it's just a slanted A, which is not an uncommon design element. Then again, I could be totally wrong, and this could be a very subtle way of hinting that AccuTech will provide the technology for The Avengers when that film hits theaters.

What do you think of the newest viral marketing material? Is there anything to the similarity between the two logos?

Source: AccuTech Viral Website via /Film

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