Iron Fist Twitter Account Embraces Defenders Friends


Next month, the final member of The Defenders will debut when Iron Fist premieres on Netflix. The master of martial arts will up the ante on the second season of Daredevil by introducing one of Marvel's most mystical characters yet. While there's no word on how much mysticism (and dragons) will play into the series, the most recent trailer proves that kung fu will certainly be a priority. Since that time, we've seen a clip of supporting character Colleen Wing in a cage match, gone behind the scenes of the show, and were treated to a promo teasing Danny Rand's many sides.

While Marvel is known for mixing plenty of humor into their stories, their previous Netflix shows and characters have all been rather dark and serious. Danny Rand has the opportunity to break from that tradition a bit, as he's regularly shown to be more lighthearted in the comics. While action and darkness will certainly be a part of the story, it will be refreshing to get a character with a slightly different outlook on life. Then again, the death of his parents and years spent in a mystical realm might have dampened his spirits. Regardless, it looks as if Danny's social media presence will continue The Defenders' trend of having fun with fans.

When a fan asked the Iron Fist Twitter who would win in a fight between the character and Daredevil, Danny's avatar attempted to keep the peace:

@BaireJoe Not in a rush to find out. How about you, @Daredevil?

— Iron Fist (@MarvelIronFist) February 22, 2017

Though the Daredevil account started out fairly straightforward, the people behind the Jessica Jones Twitter decided to use it to speak in her voice. The results were many hilarious tweets about whiskey and fighting, with the account regularly throwing shade on users who talked trash about the show or character. Since then, the Daredevil and Luke Cage Twitters have followed suit, with the three future Defenders regularly having humorous discussions. And, of course, they didn't disappoint this time around. While Daredevil continued smoothing things over, Jessica once again got in the best burn:


@Daredevil @MarvelIronFist @BaireJoe Blah blah blah team blah blah justice blah blah

— Jessica Jones (@JessicaJones) February 22, 2017

While Danny Rand, Matt Murdock, and Luke Cage have been known to throw out their fair share of zingers and one-liners, Jessica Jones will always remain the Queen of Mean. While fun for fans, the Twitter interactions also remind us how exciting it will be this summer when all four of the Defenders (and much of their supporting cast) finally team up. Until then, we'll continue enjoying their tweets.

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Daredevil Season 1 and 2, Jessica Jones Season 1, and Luke Cage Season 1 are now available on Netflix. Iron Fist will premiere on March 17. The Defenders will arrive sometime in the summer with The Punisher coming later in the year. Premiere dates for the newest seasons of Jessica JonesDaredevil, and Luke Cage have not yet been revealed.


Source: Iron Fist

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