What To Expect In Iron Fist Season 3

The first season of Iron Fist was hardly a popular and critical success, but the second season is far stronger. What's more, it ends in such a way that it's evident Marvel believe a third season was a sure bet. But when can we expect it, and what will it be about?

Iron Fist season 1 was heavily criticized, by audiences and critics alike. In spite of its problems, though, the series proved to be a hit in terms of viewing figures, and as a result, it wasn't particularly surprising that Marvel chose to sign off on a second season. They invested a lot of energy into attempting to fix the show's problems, including hiring new showrunner Raven Metzner. Excitingly, they were confident enough in Metzner's success that they ended the series with a significant amount of setup, even including a "months later" scene to tease future developments for their characters.

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The Marvel Netflix shows have been a tremendous success for both Marvel TV and the streaming service, and - given the dramatic improvement in quality and critical reception - there's no reason to assume that will change for Iron Fist season 2. Understandably, then, attention is shifting to the future of the Iron Fist franchise. What can we expect from season 3, and when will it happen?

Iron Fist Season 2 Clearly Sets Up A Third Season

Iron Fist season 2 completely transformed the show's status quo. Colleen Wing is no longer a secondary character and love interest; she is the Immortal Iron Fist, the superhero who's battling to protect New York. Danny Rand, for his part, has launched a quest to Asia because he wants to uncover the secret history of the Iron Fist. It's clear setup for a third season unlike anything we've seen in Marvel Netflix to date; a season that focuses its attention upon two heroes, not just one, and that divides its time between New York City and Asia.

That new status quo is an exciting one, and it pretty much demands a third season to explore. But, as though to further whet viewers' appetites for the future of Iron Fist, the series also included a final sequence set "months later." This was essentially an extended advertisement for season 3, revealing what will happen to Colleen, and how Danny's quest will progress. It showed both characters now wielding the Iron Fist, each using it in fresh and creative ways unlike anything we've seen before in the Marvel Netflix shows. Colleen charged her blade with power, while Danny used twin pistols, controlling the flight of super-charged bullets.

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Meanwhile, it's clear that season 3 will redefine the show's mythology. That's the whole reason Danny has gone on his quest in the first place, after all; and it seems his investigations have led him to the name "Orson Randall." In the comics, Orson Randall was Danny's predecessor as the Iron Fist, and his introduction led to Danny's discovering the existence of other "Lost Cities" and their champions, the so-called "Immortal Weapons." Season 2 added fresh elements to the legend of the Iron Fist, most notably Colleen's possible ancestor, Wu Ao-Shi - the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay. The third season looks set to go a lot further.

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