Marvel's Iron Fist Preparing to Wrap Filming on Season 2

Danny in Iron Fist 1x07 Felling Tree With Roots

Update: Iron Fist season 2 has now wrapped.

It looks like season 2 of Iron Fist has finished filming, as new photos show the stars of the series attending a wrap party. Like last year, 2018 will see Netflix roll out three Marvel TV shows as part of the growing street-level corner of the MCU. Jessica Jones already returned for its second season to mostly positive reviews, and Daredevil is set to arrive sometime before year's end. In between that, the hero of Harlem will be back and the Luke Cage season 2 trailer that released yesterday promised plenty of new twists and threats.

One major aspect of Luke Cage season 2 will be a subplot involving Danny Rand coming to Harlem. With comic fans eagerly awaiting a Heroes for Hire TV show, the mini team-up will likely be a hit. What's more, Luke Cage's Misty Knight will be hopping over to Danny's neck of the woods as Simone Missick is set to reprise the role in season 2 of Iron Fist. That could also hint at a pairing with Colleen Wing for a future Daughters of the Dragon show, so the coming seasons of Luke Cage and Iron Fist could give die-hards a lot to enjoy. And while we don't yet know when Danny Rand's solo series will return, some more details could be on the way.

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Y-CATS Craft Service (via CBR) posted a batch of images from the wrap party for season 2 of Iron Fist. Posing with the employees of the company are Finn Jones (Danny Rand), Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wing), and Sacha Dhawan (Davos). We can also see that Jones lent a hand DJing at one point. Check it out:

Though wrap parties can occur before a show has actually finished filming, they usually indicate the end is near. And considering Iron Fist season 2 began filming in December of last year, it makes sense for it to be finishing up production. Unfortunately, the show is unlikely to air until early next year as the Marvel-Netflix slate is already packed. But with February and March often serving as the release window for the series, it shouldn't be too long into 2019 until Iron Fist is back.

The images also show Davos will be back in season 2. We heard about Davos returning to Iron Fist last year, but the images of Dhawan with the show's leads confirm Danny's frenemy will once again be causing trouble. The last time we saw his character, he was conspiring with Joy Meachum (while Madame Gao eavesdropped). Iron Fist spent a lot of time making The Hand into Danny's enemy, so we could see their return after being defeated in The Defenders.

The return of The Hand could also mean Lady Gorgon is coming to Iron Fist. Rumors have circulated about the comic book foe joining the series, and Marvel seems ready to finally invest in more female villains for its shows and movies. Though Misty and Colleen will be a big help, Danny may just need to call on Luke Cage for an assist - so fingers crossed Mike Colter returns the favor and guests on the show. And with season 2 of Iron Fist wrapping production, hopefully more story details will arrive soon.

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Iron Fist season 2 is expected to premiere in 2019 on Netflix.

Source: Y-CATS Craft Service (via CBR)

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