Iron Fist Theory: How Season 2 Could Introduce The Immortal Weapons

Immortal Iron Fist - The Immortal Weapons

The latest trailer for Iron Fist season 2 may well have revealed how the series could introduce more of the Immortal Weapons - champions of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven. Although the trailer largely focused on action sequences and fights, it also dropped a few intriguing hints about the plot of this upcoming season.

A glimpse of a previous Iron Fist's body suggests that the show will explore the secret history of the Iron Fist. That's an exciting prospect; it suggests the series could draw inspiration from Ed Brubaker's Immortal Iron Fist run, in which he took a similar approach. One of Marvel's most creative writers, Brubaker penned a story in which he reinterpreted and extended the Iron Fist mythos, introducing a whole host of new characters as he did so.

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The most important of these characters were the warriors known as the Immortal Weapons. They've since become a vital part of Iron Fist's world in the comics, and fans of Iron Fist are eager to see them make their way into the Marvel Netflix shows. The trailer for season 2 may well have shown just how that could happen.

Who are the Immortal Weapons?

Iron Fist - Immortal Weapons

There are seven Immortal Weapons, and Iron Fist is one of them - the champion of K'un-Lun. We've also already met two other Immortal Weapons on the show: Danny Rand's old friend Davos a.k.a. Steel Serpent, who will be the main antagonist of season 2, and the Bride of Nine Spiders, who was played by Jane Kim in season 1 (though her character wasn't really explored in detail).

Attentive viewers will have noticed that, back in Iron Fist season 1, Danny referred to K'un-Lun as "one of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven." These are ancient realms that are hidden from the eyes of normal men. Each is inspired by a different martial arts or fantasy trope: K'un-Zi, for example, is a city of Dark Magic, ruled by the sinister Crane Mother; Tiger Island is a tropical paradise where women are expected to cater to men's every whim; and the Kingdom of Spiders, sometimes called the Dark Kingdom, is a city in Nepal covered in spider-webs. Just as K'un-Lun is protected by the Iron Fist, each of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven has a champion. Z'Gambo, in the darkest jungles of Africa, is guarded by the mysterious Prince of Orphans, the peaceful island of Peng Lai by the Fat Cobra, the Kingdom of Spiders by the Bride of Nine Spiders, Under City by "prankster-assassin" Dog Brother #1, and Tiger Island by femme fatale Tiger's Beautiful Daughter.

In the comics, Danny Rand only learned about the other Cities when a previous Iron Fist, Orson Randall, arrived in New York warning him of a coming battle. Danny soon discovered that, once every 88 years, the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven are merged into a single location known as the Heart of Heaven. The champions are then expected to fight one another in a brutal contest. The latest Tournament of the Heavenly Cities became a lot more more dangerous because Davos had persuaded the Crane Mother to make him the champion of K'un Zi - the Master of the Cranes. The Immortal Weapons were ultimately forced to work together against Davos, who had forged an alliance with Hydra in order to attack the Heart of Heaven.

The Immortal Weapons have become an established part of Iron Fist lore since their introduction in 2008, but in the TV show neither the Bride of Nine Spiders (who appeared to simply be an agent of the Hand) or Steel Serpent have been established as Immortal Weapons in their own right. However, the recent trailer has us speculating that Iron Fist season 2 will dig deeper into the history of the mystical cities and their champions - and there could be more to New York than meets the eye.

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