Iron Fist Season 2 Set Photos Reveal Showdown Between Danny & [Spoiler]

WARNING – Mild spoilers for Iron Fist season 2

New set photos from season 2 of Iron Fist feature Colleen Wing, Danny Rand, and the return of a familiar face. The last time we saw the Iron Fist, he was watching over New York City in the wake of Daredevil's supposed death. As The Defenders ended with Matt Murdock very much alive and the new season of Daredevil coming before Iron Fist season 2, however, it's not entirely clear what Danny Rand will be up to when his show returns. But with filming on Iron Fist season 2 complete, more information is finally coming out.

Along with the return of Danny and Colleen, Iron Fist season 2 will add Misty Knight. She'll be one of many ways the Marvel-Netflix shows continue to connect after the events of The Defenders. The role will also allow the Daughters of the Dragon, Colleen and Misty, to continue working together like they often do in the comics. And it will be a two-way street, as a new Luke Cage clip shows Misty and Colleen team up for a barroom brawl, meaning the katana-wielding warrior will be stopping by Harlem before Misty heads to Iron Fist. Now, we know another key character will also feature in Iron Fist season 2.

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New set photos from Iron Fist season 2 popped up on Imgur, which look to point back to a Finn Jones fan site. A similar site showed Danny and Luke training together in Luke Cage season 2 awhile back, now we can see a fight of another kind. In the new images, Danny goes toe-to-toe with Davos, who we now know will be back for season 2. And that could mean Madame Gao won't be far behind.

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Iron Fist - Sacha Dhawan as Davos

Sacha Dawan said Davos would return to Iron Fist last year, but his statement wasn't considered confirmation given no details about the new season had been released. And though these images are just as unofficial, they prove Danny's frenemy will be back - barring the scene in question being cut from the show. Iron Fist season 1 ended with Davos and Joy Meachum conspiring against Danny while Madame Gao listened on, so it's been assumed that plot would inform the new batch of episodes. Gao herself once again escaped death in The Defenders, despite the other fingers of the Hand perishing. That means fans will likely see her again too, even as Iron Fist puts up new obstacles for Danny to face.

There have been rumors of a new Iron Fist villain from the comics, but little is still known about what the show will involve and when it will arrive. In all likelihood, the series will come to Netflix early next year, which means a trailer is probably still months away. Filming has also finished, but that hasn't prevented more and more set photos from arriving. With that in mind, expect more news to trickle out about Iron Fist season 2 even before Marvel and Netflix announce anything concrete.

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Iron Fist season 2 is expected to arrive in 2019.

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