New Iron First Season 2 Photos Highlight Jessica Henwick's Colleen Wing

Danny and Colleen at The Hand School in Iron Fist 1x10 Black Tiger Steals Heart

New promotional photos of Jessica Henwick's Colleen Wing for Iron Fist season 2 have emerged online. Plot details regarding the new season have been scarce at the moment, but with a brand new showrunner in Raven Metzner, viewers are hopeful that the Marvel Netflix show will redeem itself after a chaotic and critically-panned debut offering. Among the streaming giant's Marvel comic book small screen adaptations, Iron Fist remains to be the weakest link, and for a time, many presumed that a second year will never happen. But to people's surprise, the show was picked up for another season.

Aside from Henwick, and of course, Finn Jones, who plays the titular character, the second season of Iron Fist will introduce Alice Eve in the Marvel Netflix shared universe. No word as of yet as to who she will be playing, but previously released Iron Fist set photos have implied that he'll be working closely with Danny Rand. Meanwhile, Simone Missick's Misty Knight is also boarding the series after her stints in Luke Cage and The Defenders.

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With production officially wrapped up for Iron Fist season 2, several promotional stills from the show have emerged online, teasing what lies ahead for the titular character and his allies. The newest batch features Henwick's Colleen Wing wielding her katana. There's not much that can be deciphered on the photos but interestingly, she's now also sporting a  dragon tattoo on her right arm, similar to the one on Danny's chest. Check out the images below as shared by user courtZ on Twitter:

It's currently unclear why she now has the similar mark, nonetheless, judging by her relaxed stance and bright smile, it seems like she's in good spirits. Finally proving herself of being a worthy fighter after his intense duel with her Sensei Bakuto in The Defenders, it'll be interesting to see where her story goes from where fans left her last now that it's no longer something she needs to worry about. It'll also be curious how her romantic relationship with the Iron Fist will lead her in the forthcoming second season considering that it seems like the massive battle with the Hand and the supposed death of Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Charlie Cox) had a huge impact on Danny.

That said, before Danny and Colleen set off on their new adventure, Danny will be reteaming with Luke Cage first as Jones is expected to make an appearance in Mike Colter's own solo series. Depending on the timeline with which these shows are set, it's safe to say that it'll be clearer what Iron Fist season 2 will be all about once people catch up with Danny in Luke Cage's upcoming outing.

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No official release date has been announced for Iron Fist season 2 yet but is expected to premiere in 2019 on Netflix.

Source: CourtZ/Twitter

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