Danny Rand Really Is Replacing Daredevil In Iron Fist Season 2

Iron Fist Season 2 Has Taken Daredevil Season 3's Slot

The ultimate irony of all this is that Iron Fist season 2 has taken what many beleived to be Daredevil season 3's slot. Daredevil season 3 was announced two years ago, at SDCC 2016, and finished production before Iron Fist season 2. In spite of that, though, Marvel has chosen to push Daredevil back and focus instead on Finn Jones's titular hero. There's even speculation that season 3 won't debut until 2019.

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It's a remarkable decision, especially given the level of interest in Daredevil, the show that started the entire Marvel Netflix enterprise. The Defenders set up an arc lifted from Frank Miller's popular "Born Again" story, and viewers are eager to see how that will play out in the Marvel Netflix shows. But that may also explain the delay.

Is This Part of a Bigger Story?

It's important to understand that The Defenders transformed the world of its four heroes by bringing them all together - and the characters most changed were Daredevil and Iron Fist; Matt Murdock was believed to be killed, although a final scene revealed he had survived and was in the care of nuns, while Danny Rand was commissioned as his replacement. This is why Marvel has likely chosen to switch the order; because Daredevil season 3 will likely see the Man Without Fear return to the streets of Hell's Kitchen, Iron Fist's new status quo as the inheritor of Daredevil's mission to protect the city would be undone by his return. In narrative terms, it simply makes sense to release Iron Fist season 2 first, in order to explore the post-Defenders status quo for Danny Rand.

On a wider scale, this means the Marvel Netflix shows have a clearer overarching narrative. All the post-Defenders series are in a world without Matt Murdock. Take The Punisher; this confirmed that Karen Page will never be able to forget her time at Nelson & Murdock, and will always be drawn back into the world of vigilantes. Foggy Nelson appeared in both Jessica Jones season 2 and Luke Cage season 2, with the latter subtly revealing how the character has been changed by Matt's death. In one key scene, he even suggested Luke wear a mask - a complete 180-degree-turn for Foggy. Now, Iron Fist season 2 is openly exploring what it means for New York to be without the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. There's a plot thread of grief and loss running through every single one of the post-Defenders shows.


It's reasonable to assume that Daredevil season 3 will, at some point, see Matt's friends learn that he's actually alive, and it's also unavoidable that Daredevil once again take to the streets. And so, Iron Fist season 2 taking precedent may be to its sister show's benefit: it makes Daredevil season 3 a more crucial part of the ongoing Marvel Netflix narrative, wrapping up major character arcs and themes that have been running through the shows since The Defenders.

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