Iron Fist Season 2 Is Already Addressing One Of Season 1's Biggest Problems

Finn Jones as Danny Rand in Iron Fist

Iron Fist Season 2 is already fixing one of the first season's greatest problems. Although the Season 1 of Iron Fist was a success in terms of viewing figures, it was hardly a popular and critical hit. Audiences were particularly unimpressed with what should have been one of the show's highlights, the fight scenes.

The character of Iron Fist is supposed to be one of the greatest martial artists in the Marvel Universe. In fact, Danny Rand only became the "Iron Fist" by being the best, most competent and most centered warrior in K'un Lun. Unfortunately, that's really not how it looked. Although star Finn Jones underwent a grueling training regimen for the role, he claimed that sometimes he only had 15 minutes to learn the fight choreography for a scene before shooting it. As a result, professional fight choreographers were unimpressed by Jones's performance, arguing that he simply lacked the required skill level to pull off the scenes.

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Part of the problem is that Jones's performance just doesn't compare well to the action scenes in other Marvel Netflix shows, such as Daredevil. But Daredevil has a secret advantage; because the character wears a mask, a stunt double can replace Charlie Cox for the action scenes. In the case of Iron Fist, however, the hero is unmasked, and so the fight scenes have to be performed by Jones himself. Fortunately, by this point Jones is becoming a lot more competent.

Luke Cage season 2 - Luke and Iron Fist

The actor jumped straight from filming Iron Fist Season 1 to The Defenders, where he trained under a different team of fight choreographers. This seems to have given Jones a more solid understanding of the basics, and his performance in The Defenders was a lot stronger. After that, though, Marvel actually gave the actor some time to train. In an interview back in August last year, Jones revealed that he was about to start training for Iron Fist Season 2. The series didn't start filming until December, meaning he had four months in which to improve his skills.

There was an immediate payoff when Jones played a cameo role in Luke Cage Season 2. His martial art moves were more fluid, more skilled, and as a result he actually seemed like a real hand-to-hand combatant. Meanwhile, look carefully at Luke Cage, and you'll see signs of another lesson learned by Marvel. Iron Fist Season 1's action scenes were made worse by choppy editing; one clip circulated that showed a staggering 56 cuts in a 35-second fight sequence. It's actually not uncommon for action sequences to be edited like this, but this case served only to highlight Jones's inexperience and lack of skill. The fight scenes in Luke Cage Season 2 are handled much more carefully, and are far less choppy. Plainly, it's much easier for viewers to work out what's supposed to be happening in the scenes.

All things considered, there are lots of reasons to be optimistic for Iron Fist Season 2. The show will have a major presence at this week's San Diego Comic-Con, where Marvel is expected to announce a release date and hopefully drop a trailer.

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