Iron Fist Star Finn Jones Starts Training For Season 2 Next Week

Iron Fist star Finn Jones reveals he will begin fight training for season 2 in just a few weeks, giving him months to prepare.

Finn Jones as Danny Rand in Iron Fist

Finn Jones is getting closer to being a capable fighter for Iron Fist season 2 as he'll begin training next week, months before shooting begins. Iron Fist was the fourth and final Marvel series to debut on Netflix before The Defenders, and fans noticed how much the character has changed already in such a short amount of time. One of the biggest criticisms of his first solo season was the lack of well choreographed martial arts that an expert like Danny Rand should have no problem handling. The reason for this was Jones' late casting, hindering the amount of training he got before and during filming.

He has already shown improvement in The Defenders thanks to months of training at that point and a showrunner in Marco Ramirez who has proven he possesses the ability to craft action. Iron Fist is getting a second season now, and audiences continue to hope the fighting will only improve from here on out with Jones - which is why it's a great sign he will begin training so soon.

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Inverse spoke to Jones about his progression going from season 1, to Defenders, and now onto season 2. He had little time between season 1 and Defenders, but credited the continued process of playing the part as a factor in Danny's improved fighting as well as the new stunt team. That said, he also revealed he's being given much more time to prep for season 2 and will begin training next week.

Obviously, by the time Defenders came, I’d been working on [Iron Fist] and performing the choreography for nearly six or seven months, so I’d gotten a lot more used to it. Also, we had a new choreography team [for Defenders] and we had a different cameraman. So, the way it was constructed and the way that it was directed and put together was very different, which I think also helped the show’s choreography.

Now, just gonna let you know, moving into season 2 of Iron Fist, I’m actually starting my training next week. We’re at least four or five months away from shooting, so this time around, I’m being given a lot more preparation leading up to season 2, which I think is really gonna have a huge improvement on the quality of the fight scenes in season 2 of Iron Fist.

The decision to give Jones more time to train should be a beneficial one. Not only will it give him "time off" after filming 21 episodes of content over the last year, but also a chance to hone his skills - and hopefully master new ones. No one is expecting Jones to actually be a martial arts expert at this point (or at any point in the future), but a competent one that can do his own fights will only make things that much more believable.

That said, some of these struggles could be pointed at how season 1 was managed as a whole, so hopefully new showrunner Raven Matzner has a knack for these things or Marvel and Netflix surround him with a crew that does. But, one of the things season 1 had to work around was Danny's lack of a superhero costume, meaning they couldn't completely hide Jones at all times. He continues to say that he believes a costume will be coming in the near future, which could provide them with a workaround.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter who is doing the fights if they aren't in the show to begin with. Season 1 had a surprisingly low amount of action, something season 2 is surely looking to change. With months of preparation ahead, Jones should be fit to take up that challenge. Now, we can only hope the results continue to improve along with the show's quality overall.

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The first season of The Punisher will be released on Netflix this fall. Premiere dates for the new seasons of DaredevilJessica JonesLuke Cage and Iron Fist have yet to be announced. The Defenders is streaming now.

Source: Inverse

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