Marvel Bringing Iron Fist & Possibly The Punisher To SDCC 2018

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Marvel Studios is skipping San Diego Comic-Con this year, but Marvel Television is planning to bring Iron Fist to the show. The popular Marvel Netflix TV shows will be well-represented in San Diego next month, as there are discussions about a possible Punisher and Daredevil presence as well.

SDCC 2018 will be a slightly strange affair, with some notable absences - including Star Wars and Game of Thrones. Perhaps the most surprising absence of all, though, is Marvel Studios. Although the production company is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the MCU, they've chosen to skip this year's Comic-Con International. There will still be celebrations aplenty, but there will be no Hall H panel from Marvel.

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According to Deadline, however, that doesn't mean Marvel TV is skipping SDCC as well. Iron Fist star Finn Jones will be attending alongside other cast members and producers. Jon Bernthal is expected to be at SDCC for The Walking Dead season 9, and as a result, there are discussions about having a panel for The Punisher as well. Deadline also reports that there are even talks about a possible Daredevil appearance.

It's hardly a surprise to hear that Iron Fist will have a strong presence, given season 2 will be released later this year. The first season of Iron Fist was heavily criticized, but Finn Jones found his footing in the ensemble series, The Defenders. He's set to return as a major secondary character in Luke Cage season 2, where he'll play opposite Mike Colter. Luke Cage and Iron Fist are a popular comic-book team-up, and it's generally believed that the two actors were cast because of their strong dynamic. It remains to be seen whether or not this strong push will be enough to persuade viewers to give Marvel's premiere martial artist a second chance, but new showrunner Raven Metzner (Sleepy HallowFalling Skies) will surely help.

Marvel will no doubt be treading carefully when it comes to The Punisher. Marketing for season 1 was thrown off-balance in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, and Marvel chose to pull their NYCC 2017 panel as a result; they felt it was inappropriate to glorify guns in the wake of the tragedy. If Marvel does, indeed, host a Punisher and/or Daredevil panel at the annual comic convention, there might not be any footage featured. Sure, both series have finished filming, and are currently in post-production, but neither of them are expected to release until next year.

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Marvel's Iron Fist season 2 does not yet have a premiere date.

Source: Deadline

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