Iron Fist Season 2 Has Potentially MCU-Altering Fantastic Four Easter Egg

Iron Fist season 2 is absolutely jam-packed with Easter eggs, but none is more important than a rather surprising reference to the Fantastic Four. The Marvel Netflix shows - DaredevilJessica JonesLuke CageIron Fist and The Punisher - are in the MCU, so typically have nods to the wider movie universe, but this is something different.

Netflix's second outing with Iron Fist was a marked improvement over the first, in large part because of new showrunner Raven Metzner. Clearly a comic book fan himself, Metzner sprinkled the 10-episode series with far more Easter eggs than you typically get in a Marvel Netflix show. Surprisingly, these included a number of minor references to the X-Men in the Silver Lotus restaurant and the Coffee-A-Go-Go. But some are even deeper than that.

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In Iron Fist season 2 Episode 6, "The Dragon Dies at Dawn", Danny tracks down friend-turned-rival Davos to a building that's vacant and under heavy construction. The pair fight and Danny's beaten to a pulp, left behind - but not before Mary Walker calls an ambulance to "42 Baxter". In the comics, the Baxter Building is the home of the Fantastic Four, located at "42nd and Madison." There's absolutely no way this is a coincidence; viewers are clearly intended to believe this is indeed the Baxter Building, just now under construction.

After Disney's purchase of Fox assets, the Fantastic Four are due to join the MCU, although this nod may be a little earlier than some would expect. Due to the deal still pending international regulation, Disney can't start moving forward with any of its new acquisitions. This means we're unlikely to see X-Men in the MCU until 2021, with the same going for Fantastic Four. So why can Baxter get a nod? It may be too vague to count as a Fantastic Four reference, although the actual truth may be more legal; Fox owns the X-Men and Fantastic Four film rights, but television is more complicated, with Fox X-Men shows Legion and The Gifted requiring negotiations with Marvel TV. This means there's a degree of leeway (although the specifics are murky).

Whatever the case, the Easter egg suggests that work is underway on the Baxter Building, in preparation for their inevitable MCU debut sometime in the early 2020s. It had previously been speculated that the party buying Avengers Tower in Spider-Man: Homecoming was the Fantastic Four, but this is another possibility that keeps their base's comic location.

Of course, we should be careful about taking this as set in stone; the Fantastic Four are sure to be a film franchise, not a TV series, and Marvel Studios is unlikely to be bound by a blink-and-you'll-miss-it Easter egg in Iron Fist season 2. That means Kevin Feige could easily choose to take things in a different direction. For now, though, until we learn otherwise, it looks as though construction is underway on the Fantastic Four's home - and we'll just have to wait and see when a certain famous family choose to move in.

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