Iron Fist: The Biggest & Best Easter Eggs Hidden In Season 2

Danny Rand Blindshot and Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay in Iron Fist Season 2

The second season of Marvel's Iron Fist is absolutely jam-packed with Easter eggs. Some of them are subtle - one is a reference to an obscure X-Men comic - but others are far more important, and look set to have a major impact on the next season of the Marvel Netflix show.

Iron Fist season 2 is a marked improvement on the first season, and one reason is that new showrunner Raven Metzner has dived deep into the character's comic book lore. He's taken particular inspiration from the popular Brubaker and Fraction run, and a lot of the key Easter eggs point to that run. Meanwhile, as though reassuring fans that he's familiar with the full history of the Immortal Iron Fist, every episode title in season 2 is lifted straight from the comics. In fact, the title of episode 6 - "The Dragon Dies at Dawn" - is taken from 1976's Iron Fist #9, one of only two comics to feature the Golden Tiger gang.

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As a result, there's a lot of hidden goodness in Iron Fist season 2 that you may have missed on your first watch. Here's a guide to every awesome Easter egg in Marvel's latest Netflix treat. Did you spot them all?

The Golden Tigers

One of the key players in the War of the Triads, the Golden Tigers are lifted straight from the comics - although, as you can see, they've been liberally redesigned. Just as in Iron Fist season 2, the comic book version was particularly known for protection rackets, and attempted to exploit a power vacuum in New York in order to become New York's dominant crime power. This is a pretty deep cut into Marvel lore, given the Golden Tigers only appeared in two issues of Iron Fist back in 1976. Kwai Chang, leader of the Golden Tigers in Iron Fist, was indeed one of their members.

The Silver Lotus Restaurant and the Coffee-A-Go-Go

One of the key locations in Iron Fist season 2 is the Silver Lotus, a restaurant where Danny and Colleen go out for a date night - but find their activities rudely interrupted. The restaurant owner ultimately falls foul of Davos when he tries not to take a side in the madman's war against crime. This is another deep cut into Marvel lore; the Silver Lotus appears in 2010's Uncanny X-Men: First Class #4. That particular comic was set in the early days of the X-Men's "Second Genesis" team, and it saw Storm and Jean Grey meet up with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing for a girl's night out. Their evening was even more eventful than Danny and Colleen's in Iron Fist; they were poisoned by Nightshade, and forced to attack the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

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Another notable location is the Coffee-A-Go-Go, a coffee shop in Harlem where Danny crossed paths with Mary Walker. Like the Silver Lotus, this is a location traditionally associated with the X-Men, with the original five often heading there for some R&R; Beast quite enjoyed taking his girlfriend Zelma on dates there. Its most notable patron was a self-styled poet named Bernard, who enjoyed giving readings of his surreal and incomprehensible poetry. The Coffee-A-Go-Go of the comics was situated in Greenwich Village, so this particular Easter egg was rather unexpected.

Typhoid Mary

Alice Eve playing Typhoid Mary - Iron Fist

Alice Eve's Typhoid Mary is one of the most fascinating characters in Iron Fist season 2. There are a number of subtle callbacks to Mary's comic book design, where she's usually portrayed with make-up across half her face. The most notable of these visual cues is in the second episode, with Mary carefully wiping half of a steamed-up bathroom mirror down.

The Crane Sisters

Iron Fist season 2 introduced three dangerous tattoo artists, the Crane Sisters. Willing to do anything for a price, the Crane Sisters followed Davos's instructions in combining the tattoo of an old Iron Fist with Danny's blood; they then used this ink to etch Davos's own serpent tattoo (the closest we'll come to his comic book identity, the Steel Serpent). The Crane Sisters were also phenomenally capable hand-to-hand fighters, putting up a serious fight against Colleen and Misty when Danny's friends tracked them down. Amusingly enough, that particular scene - featuring five women fighting it out - was shot on International Women's Day.

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The Crane Sisters are clearly inspired by a group from the comics known as the Crane Daughters. They're the children of the Crane Mother, who rules the Lost City of K'un-Zi. The Crane Mother has given birth to thousands of these Crane Daughters over the centuries, but only bears a son once every 300 years. Burning with hatred against the Order of the Iron Fist, the Crane Mother agreed to give the Crane Mothers to Davos as part of his revenge against Danny Rand; a significant number of Crane Daughters sacrificed their Chi in order to boost Davos's power.

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