Daredevil Sidekick Blindspot May Appear In Iron Fist Season 2

Comic book writer Charles Soule has revealed that a character named Sam Chung, played by James Chen, will appear in Iron Fist season 2. In the comics, Chung - a character created by Soule - is Daredevil's sidekick, the superhero known as Blindspot.

It really does seem as though Iron Fist season 2 is seeing Danny Rand supplant Daredevil in every way. He's now the protector of New York City, charged with that task as Matt Murdock headed towards his (apparent) death. He's facing classic Daredevil villain Typhoid Mary, played by Alice Eve. And now it seems the series will introduce another character traditionally associated with the Man Without Fear.

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According to Charles Soule, James Chen will appear in Iron Fist season 2 as a character named Sam Chung. Chung is a vigilante created by Soule back in 2015, at the launch of his critically acclaimed Daredevil run. He's an illegal immigrant who worked as a janitor at Columbia University in order to pay rent and look after his sister. Sam convinced professors to let him audit their classes and use their facilities at night, and invented an invisibility suit; he took up the identity of Blindspot. Amusingly enough, the invisibility suit caused quite a bit of confusion for Daredevil when the two first crossed paths; the Man Without Fear didn't even realize the youth was invisible. Soule stressed that he has no idea whether or not this will be a comic-accurate portrayal, or if Chung will become Blindspot as in the comics, but the possibility is truly exciting.

Charles Soule's ongoing Daredevil run is one of the most exciting since Frank Miller's, in large part because he has a deep understanding of both superhero fiction and the American legal system. Comic book fans will be delighted that the Marvel Netflix shows are finally tapping into Soule's stories, even if it is something of a surprise to see a Daredevil sidekick appearing in Iron Fist season 2. According to IMDb, Blindspot will appear in four of the 10 episodes, though it's always best to take information from that site with a grain of salt.

At SDCC, Marvel confirmed that the bulk of Iron Fist season 2 will be set in Chinatown - and that's traditionally Blindspot's stomping ground. In the comics, Sam was unwittingly drawn into the sinister Church of the Sheltering Hands, led by a mystic named Tenfingers. A former member of the Hand, Tenfingers founded the cult around the mystical powers he had stolen from the ninja cult. The cult's illegal activities caught the attention of Daredevil, and he worked against them in both his costumed identity and as a prosecutor for New York State. It will be fascinating to see whether this plot influences Iron Fist season 2.

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Iron Fist season 2 releases on Netflix on Friday, September 7.

Source: Charles Soule

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