Claire Temple Will Not Be In Iron Fist Season 2

Iron Fist - Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple

Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple will not appear in Iron Fist season 2. According to Marvel Television's Jeph Loeb, the character will next appear when she fits with the story - and she doesn't work with this one.

When Marvel launched their popular Netflix shows back in 2015, they swiftly decided to use Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple as the "Nick Fury" of their world. The character drifted from TV show to TV show, a secondary character whose ongoing story wove all the different narratives together. Claire entered the world of superhero vigilantes after a chance encounter with Daredevil, crossed paths with Jessica Jones, became Luke Cager's lover, and gained martial arts training from Danny Rand. But Claire's role seems to have changed after last year's Defenders series; now that the heroes have all encountered one another, there's less need for a character who serves as the connective tissue between them.

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According to Marvel's Jeph Loeb, that means Claire won't appear in Iron Fist season 2. In an interview with CBR, Loeb revealed that Rosario Dawson won't reprise the role in this series, due out on September 7. "Claire won’t be in there," Loeb revealed, "but our relationship with Rosario is awesome and we love her, she loves us and — when the story lends itself into that place and hopefully she’s available — we go down that road."

Some viewers had theorized that Claire's mid-season disappearance from Luke Cage season 2, apparently involving a visit to Danny Rand, meant that she'd jump straight into Iron Fist. It seems that's not the case, which presumably also indicates that there's some sort of passage of time between Luke Cage season 2 and Iron Fist season 2. Hopefully that means the series will show Danny's reaction to Luke's new career as a crime lord; that should certainly be amusing.

As Loeb pointed out, a new character seems to be stepping up to take Rosario's crown as head of cameos; Simone Missick's Misty Knight. That makes rather more sense, as Misty is an increasingly important figure in the New York police force. As such, she's inevitably drawn into the latest gang wars, vigilante battles, and superhero scraps. Where Claire's cameos sometimes felt rather forced, Misty's role is thus a lot more organic.

Loeb stressed that his focus is always upon the story itself. "You know, some people would be really satisfied if Danny Rand got on a bus and Foggy Nelson was getting off the bus and that's cool," he pointed out. "[But] we always look at it from the point of view of 'What's the best story?'" While that means viewers will be seeing less of Claire Temple going forwards, it hopefully means that the appearances she does have will be quality ones, with concrete arcs and strong character development. "We don't run an Easter egg farm," Loeb quipped.

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Iron Fist season 2 premiere on September 7 on Netflix.

Source: CBR

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