Iron Fist Stars Tease Major Character Reveals Ahead

Iron Fist and Steel Serpent

In less than a week, Marvel and Netflix will lift the veil on their fourth co-produced series. DaredevilJessica Jones, and Luke Cage were all met with critical praise, and although only the first six episodes have been screened to critics, the early reactions to Iron Fist have been less than favorable. One of the big points of contention throughout the development of the series was the push from fans to see an Asian-American play Danny Rand, a role that went to Finn Jones.

While many have hoped for greater representation for Asians in this series in particular, the fact that Jones landed the role has not sit well with many. However, Jessica Henwick's Colleen Wing will be right by Danny's side throughout this journey that will see them take on Madame Gao and presumably The Hand as well. But, it appears there will also be some surprise additions to the cast, either good or bad, in the back half of the season.

Yahoo spoke to both Jones and Henwick about the project and asked if there were any surprises in store, specifically an appearance by Iron Fist's famed villain Steel Serpent. Due to the secrecy surrounding the back half of the season, the two leads could not comment with certainty about who will be appearing, but did leave fans with room to speculate.

Henwick: There are two characters who come into the second half of Iron Fist season one who haven’t been announced yet.

Jones: It’s so frustrating not being able to announce them.

Henwick: It’s so frustrating because they knock it out of the park. But there’s one in particular who fans are… it’s a comic book character who’s not been seen before and at the end of Iron Fist they set him up in a really interesting way… I think for me, that’s the most interesting relationship on the show.

Marvel's Shang-Chi

After this rather coy response from both actors, Yahoo pushed back and asked them directly if Steel Serpent was one of the characters they were alluding too. While they again did not outright confirm his appearance, the following quotes heavily suggest that will be the case.

Jones: Maybe that’s what we were just errr… My publicist is looking at me with devil eyes. Hey look, that’s going to be announced very soon so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s announced before these [interviews] even come to print.

Henwick: I think you guys will be able to figure out who we’re talking about.

With Iron Fist's debut so close, it would be quite surprising for these casting announcements to be made before Friday. Instead, Marvel and Netflix will wait and let fans discover it for themselves. This tease will undoubtedly cause some to skip ahead to see who could be introduced, or be revealed once those who have already seen the first six episodes pick up where they left off.

Steel Serpent, also known as Davos, was born in the mystical world of K'un-Lun but after losing the powers of the Iron Fist to Rand sets out to get his revenge. It has already been confirmed that K'un-Lun will be featured, so to have Steel Serpent appear in the back half of the season and challenge Danny could help breathe new life into the series. As for the other mystery character that Henwick says is a comic book character that is set up for a bigger future by the end of the season, this could be confirmation of old rumors that Shang-Chi will be making his MCU debut as well. Luckily for fans, they will be able to find out who these characters are very soon.

Daredevil seasons 1 and 2, Jessica Jones season 1, and Luke Cage season 1 are now available on Netflix. Iron Fist season 1 premieres on March 17. The Defenders arrive sometime in the summer, with The Punisher coming later this year. Premiere dates for the newest seasons of Jessica JonesDaredevil, and Luke Cage have not yet been revealed.

Source: Yahoo

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