Iron Fist & Luke Cage in 'Heroes for Hire' Movie?

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For those who don’t know, Heroes for Hire is a Marvel team-up comic that featured the characters of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. In the story, Heroes for Hire, Inc. was initially a small business owned by Cage and Rand in New York that worked as an investigation/protection service.

Since then, the series has taken on different rosters of characters but the original is what Park is referring to. I think a project like this would be a great idea and why not have another team-up film other than The Avengers? Introducing these characters here could help expand the roster for a future Avengers film as Captain America and Luke Cage are pretty good pals with their team-up in the massive Civil War storyline, and Iron Fist along with Cage have been key parts of the New Avengers.

Here's a little bit about the two heroes:

  • Iron Fist is one of the greatest unarmed fighters in the world, having mastered many martial arts and their accompanying weapons. For his superhero ability, he possesses the power of the Iron Fist which allows him to control Chi energy, augmenting all of his natural abilities and making him unstoppable for a time but it cannot be used continuously. His big move involves channeling the Chi into his fist, wrapping it in energy so he can really lay down the pain. Iron Fist can also his his ability to heal himself and others.
  • Luke Cage on the other hand, possesses super-human strength and endurance. As a result of an experiment, his skin was enhanced to the point where it is almost unbreakable and he can be shot at without damage. Unfortunately for him, he can still feel the pain of all attacks on him and his internal structure is a fragile as any regular person.

Both characters are very cool and if this film helps make them known to the mainstream, it could help kickstart their involvement in future Marvel films or even their own solo films. I also expect that with Marvel Studios in creative control, we’d likely get some cool cameos from the other characters already being introduced in the upcoming movies.

Would you like to see Park as Danny Rand and how about a Heroes for Hire movie? Who should play Luke Cage?

Source: ComicsAlliance

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