Iron Fist Star Reacts To Luke Cage Cancellation, Sparks Spinoff Speculation

Luke Cage season 2 - Luke and Iron Fist

In response to Netflix canceling Luke Cage after two seasons on the air, Iron Fist star Finn Jones posts a new image of the two eponymous superheroes on social media, thus sparking spinoff speculations about a potential Heroes for Hire TV show. In 2014, Netflix partnered with Marvel Television to develop multiple series based on a select few Marvel Comics characters. And they launched that initiative the following year with Daredevil season 1, which quickly became one of the most critically-acclaimed comic book TV shows on the air.

Netflix followed up that series with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and then eventually The Defenders and The Punisher, of which the latter was a spinoff of Daredevil season 2. While everything seemed to be going great at first, the streaming service hit a snag in 2017, when both seasons for Iron Fist and The Defenders failed to achieve the same level of acclaim as previous chapters in Netflix's corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite a rather successful season 2, Iron Fist was abruptly canceled last week. And then, exactly one week later, Luke Cage was also canceled.

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Shortly after Netflix canceled Luke Cage, Iron Fist's titular star, Finn Jones, posted an image on Instagram from the duo's fight scene in Luke Cage season 2. To go along with the image, Jones also captioned it with two fists and a heart in between them. It's clearly a response to the news that Luke Cage was canceled, and it could mean that Jones is showing solidarity in this solemn hour with Luke Cage star Mike Colter. However, it has also sparked speculation that the two could reunite in a spinoff series.

As comic book fans are well aware, Marvel Comics once partnered up Luke Cage and Iron Fist together for the comic series, Power Man and Iron Fist. After spending some time fighting crime together, the duo eventually co-founded the organization Heroes for Hire, Inc. along with Jeryn Hogarth (Carrie Anne Moss plays a female version of the character, Jeri Hogarth, in the MCU). It served as an investigation company, but then, with them being superheroes and all, they ultimately started using their powers for good. Ever since Netflix announced plans to develop Luke Cage and Iron Fist TV shows, fans have wanted the two to team-up and form Heroes for Hire.

Marvel fans finally saw the duo work together outside of The Defenders in Luke Cage season 2, but it was only for a brief amount of time. Considering the fact that Netflix has canceled both TV shows, even though the last two seasons for both programs were incredibly well received, it makes sense for them to consolidate their properties into one show that could potentially introduce even more heroes down the line. Furthermore, Netflix could use this opportunity to highlight Colleen Wing and Misty Knight's partnership, and then eventually develop a Daughters of the Dragon spinoff. But, for now, fans will just have to wait and see what happens.

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