Iron Fist: Danny Rand and Colleen Wing Appear in New Images

Finn Jones in Iron Fist

Iron Fist is the fourth Marvel show developed directly for streaming on Netflix. Although questionably tied into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Netflix shows have won the hearts of both fans and critics, beginning with Daredevil in 2015. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have followed, introducing more and more characters that are important to the Iron Fist mythology as the franchise rushes toward launching their Defenders streaming series set to debut later this year.

As the run up to the series premiere, Iron Fist has been teasing several new photos in anticipation of the new comic-based program. In addition to Danny Rand appearing prominently, fans also get to see Colleen Wing who has appeared alongside Iron Fist throughout comic book continuity.

Colleen Wing is traditionally blonde and although Henwick is not that, from the new banner, she does appear more than ready to take on Iron Fist in hand-to-hand combat just as her comic book counterpart would be.

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The photographs look amazing, meeting the typical high quality that audiences have come to expect from the Marvel/Netflix machine. Fans get a peek at some of the martial arts action that is destined to show up in Iron Fist as well as a glimpse of what Danny Rand is going to be dealing with in his every day life in New York City. As someone who is new to Hell's Kitchen he is sure to bring a different perspective than has been seen before from Matt Murdock or Jessica Jones who are natives to the area.

Unfortunately, two things are missing from these pictures. All the Marvel streaming series have a strong color palette that is as much a character of the show as the vigilantes that drive the narratives forward. It would seem logical for the Iron Fist series to be heavily influenced by either green or gold, given his most iconic costume, but there isn't a clear palate on display here. That could easily be the difference between a promotional photo and the final rendered product, though it would have been nice to see. As mentioned above, there isn't a clear look at K'un-L'un, something Iron Fist fans are just dying to be seen. Apparently, everyone is going to have to wait to see the mystical land when the series premieres.

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Iron Fist premieres on Netflix on March 17, 2017.

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