Iron Fist Star Wants to See Heroes For Hire Spinoff

Luke Cage and Iron Fist Heroes for Hire Marvel

This month brings us the final of the four interconnected Defenders series on Netflix, adding Iron Fist to the critically acclaimed Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. In the run-up to the launch of this series, we've seen a numerous promos and photos, but much of the buzz around the show has focused on the criticism of Danny Rand as a white savior. Finn Jones, who plays Rand, has responded to this issue by encouraging fans to watch the show before they judge, and saying that the series will definitely not be playing into this problematic trope.

With that out of the way (or at least, commented upon), Jones has also been answering questions about what else we might see in the upcoming Netflix series, and the star has now mentioned that he would like to see some other comic book teams make it to the small screen.

In an interview with Nerdist, Jones drops in a mention of comic books teams Heroes for Hire and Daughters of the Dragon in a possible spinoff show.

"And I do think, going back to the Daughters of Dragon thing, I think it would be awesome to see a television series with the Heroes for Hire and the Daughters of Dragon working together to take down crime."

Daughters of the Dragon Coleen wing and Misty Knight

For those who do not know, the Heroes For Hire are a superhero team led by Luke Cage and Iron Fist, while the Daughters of the Dragon is another name for the team-up between Colleen Wing and Misty Knight. All four of these key players will exist in the Netflix universe once Iron Fist joins the fray, with Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and Misty Knight (Simone Missick) appearing as the two lead characters in Luke Cage.

A Daughters of the Dragon spinoff in the Marvel/Netflix universe could be something special, especially as Colleen and Misty have not been featured in the recent Defenders photos. Netflix certainly seems happy to create spinoff series for fan-favorite characters (like the Punisher, who first appeared in Daredevil season 2), and a female-fronted spinoff would be a great way to put the spotlight on superheroines in this world.

A Heroes For Hire spinoff, while fun, is less likely. Luke Cage and Iron Fist will already be teaming up in the Defenders series, which would make a duo team-up rather redundant. While it could be fun to see some of the other Heroes characters join this universe, it would also involve a little too much crossover with the larger MCU to include, say, Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) who has been a member of the team in the past. That said, it's thrilling to see that Jones has clearly been doing his comic book homework.

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Source: Nerdist

Daredevil Season 1 and 2, Jessica Jones Season 1, and Luke Cage Season 1 are now available on Netflix. Iron Fist will premiere on March 17. The Defenders will arrive sometime in the summer with The Punisher coming later in the year. Premiere dates for the newest seasons of Jessica JonesDaredevil, and Luke Cage have not yet been revealed.

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