Iron Fist: Don't Expect to See Danny in Costume Anytime Soon

Iron Fist - Finn Jones classic costume

Iron Fist hit Netflix last week, and many Marvel fans have spent the past weekend binge-watching this latest addition to the Defenders universe. Joining Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, Iron Fist introduced viewers to Danny Rand (Finn Jones) as he returned to New York after a long absence, and with some brand new superpowers. As usual, the show is chock-full of comic book references and Easter eggs for fans, but beyond that, it failed to achieve the kind of critical success of its predecessors. Although there are some defenders of the show, including star Finn Jones, it seems that Marvel's partnership with Netflix has made its first major misstep with this one.

However, Iron Fist isn't likely to be going anywhere, as it is an integral part of the upcoming Defenders series, and Jones is already talking about what will happen in future seasons.

In an interview with TV Guide, Jones talked about Danny Rand's journey in season 1, as he learns how to balance his life in New York with his training as a Buddhist warrior. His clothes, in particular, are mentioned as a metaphor for his struggle to define himself, and Jones says that we won't see his comic costume until Danny is truly worthy to be called a superhero:

"The first couple of episodes you see Danny kind of awkwardly fitting into suits. He's not used to this. He's in a suit and it doesn't feel right. Then he's in regular clothes and it still doesn't feel right. He's trying to find his identity. Eventually throughout the series he kind of claims some kind of identity through his clothes -- but we've got a couple more seasons to go before we get to that point."

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There are hints of the Iron Fist comic costume in Danny's buddhist robes, which are the same green and yellow as the costume in the books. This is in line with the other Defenders series, where some of the original outfits have been hinted at rather than adapted faithfully.

The news that fans will have to wait to see the Iron Fist comic costume may be a disappointment to those who want to see a more straightforward superhero show, but it makes a lot of sense in terms of how the previous shows have treated costuming. These series are very grounded, and their gritty tone is one of the things that fans love about them. It just makes sense to hear that Danny Rand won't be donning his green leotard any time soon.

However, this may also be bad news for those who would rather not see any more Iron Fist at all, whether Rand is in costume or not. Jones's comments seem to confirm that Marvel has a plan to continue the show for several seasons to come, despite it's lukewarm reception, so hopefully the creative team is able to address some of the criticisms that fans have had, and return with a vastly improved Iron Fist in future.

Iron Fist season 1 is available in its entirety on Netlflix.

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Source: TV Guide 

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