Iron Fist Season 2 Set Photos Feature Alice Eve's Mystery Character

Alice Eve's mystery character is featured in new Iron Fist season 2 photos. Marvel and Netlfix's partnership started off strong with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but the quality of the shows has not always been maintained. While Luke Cage started strong, it fell apart in the second half. But, no show was quite as disliked as what came with the first season of Iron Fist. Burdened with controversy before it even came out, the show's slow pace and somewhat obnoxious lead turned many away.

Despite the negativity surrounding season 1, Netflix still renewed Iron Fist for a second season - but this time with a brand new showrunner. Production on Iron Fist began late last year, with Finn Jones returning as Danny Rand. He'll be surrounded by largely the same main cast as the first season, but with one major new face. Alice Eve recently joined the series in a mysterious role, and we've yet to get any real details on her character up until now.

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Finn Jones Central shared new set photos from season 2 of Iron Fist that finally offer up a look at Alice Eve's character. She can be seen helping Danny, who appears to be in pain. Both appear to be trying to not be identified considering both have their hoodies up, but we can still see Eve's character's reddish hair come through.

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