Iron Fist Season 2 Wraps, Will Be 'Unlike Anything Seen Before'

Season 2 of Iron Fist has officially wrapped production, while star Finn Jones promises the new episodes will be quite different from the previous ones. Marvel has generally garnered critical acclaim for their offerings, but a few projects haven't quite measured up. Though Inhumans is still considered the low watermark of the MCU, season 1 of Iron Fist didn't fare nearly as well as its peers. With praise heaped on DaredevilJessica JonesLuke Cage, and The PunisherIron Fist is something of an outlier. The Defenders, however, proved that Danny Rand could be compelling as played by Finn Jones.

Iron Fist is getting a new showrunner for season 2, so a new direction is expected. What's more, but the episodes will build on his appearances in not only The Defenders, but Luke Cage. Though the Luke Cage season 2 trailer didn't feature Danny, we know he'll be teaming up briefly with Harlem's protector and teasing an eventual Heroes for Hire show. Beyond that, fans can expect Iron Fist season 2 to arrive in 2019 and offer something unexpected.

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Iron Fist star Finn Jones took to Instagram to share that production on season 2 has officially wrapped. Photos from the Iron Fist wrap party earlier this week teased as much, but now we know for a fact filming is finished. What's more, but Jones promises the new season will be "unlike anything seen before."

It's clear that even though the stars and crew of Iron Fist defended season 1 from negative press, Marvel and Netflix are keen on a new direction. The supporting cast has drawn plenty of positive reactions, and The Defenders offered a better take on Rand than his solo show did. If that energy can be channelled into the new season—which will also be gaining Misty Knight—then fans may finally get the adaptation they've been waiting for.

Along with Simone Missick joining the team in the new season, Alice Eve has joined Iron Fist in an undisclosed role. We don't yet know anything about her character, but some Iron Fist set photos showed her seemingly assisting Danny. With production wrapped, more concrete details about the new season should start emerging, though fans still have some time to wait before a trailer arrives.

The added assistance will definitely come in handy, as Lady Gorgon may be coming to Iron Fist this season. The Hand boss means the enemy of K'un L'un weren't finished off in Daredevil, so Danny's new mission of protecting New York may feature some familiar foes. Hopefully, however, it will also add something unique to the Marvel-Netflix pantheon.

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Iron Fist season 2 is expected to premiere in 2019 on Netflix.

Source: Finn Jones

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