Is The DCEU's Iris West From Another Time Period?

According to Flashpoint star Kiersey Clemons, Iris West may not be from the present day after all. While we've spent years getting to know Candice Patton as Iris West on The CW's The Flash TV show, this fall's Justice League movie was meant to be our introduction to Clemons' take on the character. And while just last month the actor was praising the way Iris is introduced in this year's big team-up, a recent report seems to indicate her character has been cut from Justice League entirely.

If the rumors prove true, Flashpoint will serve as our introduction to the big screen version of Iris. The Flashpoint movie doesn't have an official release date or director attached at the moment, but we know that there are some big names in talks to take the helm (Robert Zemeckis among them) and that a Flashpoint script draft has been completed. And true to its name, the film will involve a lot of time travel and dimension-hopping.

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ET spoke with Kiersey Clemons at the premiere of her new film Flatliners and asked her how she's crafting her version of Iris. The actor confirmed that she's not looking to other incarnations, but then dropped a potential bombshell about what makes the DCEU's Iris such a different character:

"Because of going back and forth, past and future with The Flash, you don't even know what time period you actually meet Iris."

While Clemons doesn't confirm Iris is from another time period, it certainly seems like that's the case. Could we meet Iris in some far-flung future that Barry Allen travels to? Or is she from another Earth altogether? The other possibility is that Flashpoint is designed to so disorient the audience that it's never clear where things are taking place.

It's possible that a change to Iris' backstory is one of the elements included in the latest Flashpoint script draft. It could even be the reason why the character was cut from Justice League, as she may require a more complicated introduction. While Clemons didn't go into that, she did confirm the current status of the Flashpoint movie:

"We're in the process of still replacing our director. We just got a new script."

WB is reportedly still pursuing Robert Zemeckis to helm the Flashpoint DCEU movie, though his involvement is far from a sure-thing at this stage. In the meantime, the DCEU Barry Allen/Flash actor Ezra Miller has already begun to make a name for himself. DC head Geoff Johns has said that Miller's Flash has been a favorite in the test screenings for Justice League thus far, so perhaps that film's release this November will give Flashpoint the boost that it needs to make it into the next stage of pre-production.

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Source: ET

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