Will The iPhone 4 Change Filmmaking?

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Our brothers at Game Rant followed the Apple Keynote WWDC 2010 very closely, but one feature has us personally intrigued here at Screen Rant. Apple recently announced the new iPhone 4 includes recording and editing capabilities, and while the raw features simply allow for trimming footage, an iMovie application provides the opportunity to edit films with music and transitions.

iMovie is basic editing software, but feature films have been made using it before. Take Jackass for instance, which was allegedly edited on iMovie. It is a bit ridiculous to imagine an entire film could be made solely on the iPhone, but the phone's accessibility in terms of filming and editing on one device gives amateur filmmakers even more of an opportunity to express creativity.

The new iPhone offers thousands of dollars worth of equipment in a handheld device, all for the $199 or $299 price tag of the phone, with only and additional $4.99 for the iMovie application. At 720p and 30fps, the camera provides superior quality to any of its predecessors. 10 hours of battery life during video use proves you can last longer with the iPhone than a thousand dollar camera.

The reason we present this concept to you is to incite some discussion about the future of filmmaking. The box office success of micro-budget films like Paranormal Activity has proven financial success is not limited to big, action bonanzas. Audiences flock to creativity and the bigger the obstacles, the more interesting the result becomes.

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It isn't so absurd to think an entire movie could be filmed on the iPhone. Take away the editing aspect of things and you've got all you need - a lens; camera type should be irrelevant in the creative process of great storytelling. Some of the most viewed videos on YouTube, while not feature films, were caught on awful camera phones. It just goes to show that at the end of the day, people want to be entertained, not told what equipment was used to make a film.

The Internet has changed the way films are presented and On Demand has enhanced the immediacy of home video. Budgets have gotten bigger, yet the ways we watch films have gotten smaller. Movie theaters struggle to keep up with the public's desire to be entertained on handheld devices, but so far, the film industry has maintained its big production status.

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Sooner or later, something has to come along and change the way movies are made. Sure, 3D has done that to an extent - but will the new iPhone give everybody with a handheld device the chance to be a part of the big industry? It will at least provide them the opportunity to try...

What do you think about the probability of a movie filmed entirely on the iPhone one day getting a widespread release? Will anybody even try? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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