Scott Brothers & Channing Tatum Making 'Ion' the Next Avatar?

Heat Vision Blog nabbed an exclusive about a new sci-fi project called Ion, which is currently being eyed by Fox 2000. The film apparently circled around Hollywood last year but no one bit - that is until James Cameron and Avatar made a mint for Fox and brought big-budget sci-fi originals back into the Hollywood limelight.

Brothers Ridley and Tony Scott are reportedly attached to produce Ion through their Scott Free production company, and actor Channing Tatum (G.I. Joe) is reportedly attached to star.

The plot of Ion involves a man who jumps between alternate Earths in search of his reincarnated love. The spec script was written by Will Dunn, a British writer whose first script, Children of the Gun, never made it to screen but earned the attention of the Scott Brothers, who have helped Dunn develop the script for Ion into a blockbuster bit of sci-fi. Word is that Hollywood execs are already calling Ion the next Avatar, proving once again just how nauseatingly derivative the suits in Hollywood are.

However, the potential for something wildly fresh and original certainly exists in this project: when you start hopping through alternate dimensions, the possibilities for what creatures, worlds and situations you can create are limitless.

ion fox 2000

On the other hand,  Ion has a premise that sounds like a slight tweak to the ideas behind Quantum Leap, The Fountain, Sliders, The Time Machine, the latest season of Fringe or even that Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror" episode where Homer hops dimensions via a tricked-out toaster. In my early opinion, a film like this will succeed or fail based solely upon the direction the filmmakers take the idea. Let's hope they've cooked up something good.

No word yet on will would direct Ion or when the studio hopes to get it into theaters. For now it seems the project is picking up steam rather quickly, So I'm sure we'll be hearing more soon.

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Source: Heat Vision Blog

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