'Into the Storm' Trailer: Clash of the Tornadoes

Into the Storm Trailer

Warner Bros. has unveiled the full trailer for Into the Storm, this year's addition to the Hollywood natural disaster sub-genre that probably looks like "Twister on steroids," to a lot of people. The preview itself is a maelstrom of story threads and filmmaking styles; at times, it appears as though the film is a straight-forward race-against-time thriller - one revolving around a working class father (The Hobbit trilogy's Richard Armitage) who attempts to rescue his son, all while an onslaught of tornadoes batters his home town of Silverton silly.

On the whole, though, the events of Into the Storm appear to unfold from the perspective of multiple characters, including those of a graduating class of high school students, as well as a team of storm chasers that counts Walking Dead veteran Sarah Wayne Callies among its ranks. Just as confusing, though, is how sometimes the trailer paints the film as being a stylistically conventional action/thriller - yet, at other times, the movie appears to fall closer to faux-documentary and/or found-footage territory, in terms of the aesthetics and narrative structure.

The short of it? Into the Storm seems to be a collection of sequences of CGI tornadoes devastating the landscape, strung together through a series of thinly-sketched plot threads with equally under-cooked characters - natural disaster destruction porn, so to speak. That's not to say Into the Storm will, per se, be a waste of time and little more; director Steven Quale's previous movie, Final Destination 5, was also quite flimsy in the storytelling department, but it made up the difference (in terms of entertainment value) by instead offering a number of 3D horror movie sequences that were both cleverly staged and well-executed (no pun).

Into the Storm Trailer

Indeed, perhaps it's best to think of Into the Storm as a unique twist on the slasher horror sub-genre, where the killer is a tornado (make that tornadoes) instead of "Death," a la Final Destination. In that case, the most pertinent concern to have about the film is that screenwriter John Swetnam (Step Up All In) might've not been able to come up with a sufficient number of creative variations on a scenario where people are being "attacked" by a tornado. The trailer footage is a bit repetitive in terms of how the tornado "attacks" unfold, but it's possible that the actual movie will not be.

... Then again, seeing how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot opens in U.S. theaters the same day as Into the Storm, it remains to be seen if the latter can avoid being dead on arrival, as far as the box office returns are concerned.


Into the Storm arrives in U.S. theaters on August 8th, 2014.

Source: Warner Bros.

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