Every Spider-Man Villain Confirmed For Into The Spider-Verse (So Far)

Into The Spider-Verse Scorpion

The Scorpion

The Ultimate version of the Scorpion is a brutal, murderous mob boss. In the comics, he was Miles Morales' first super-villain; a physical powerhouse, Scorpion arrived in New York in pursuit of the Prowler, who owed him money. He found a city with something of a power vacuum, given the Kingpin had recently been deposed as the local crime boss. It didn't take long for the Scorpion to decide to expand his criminal empire into New York, and he did so in brutal fashion.

It's going to be interesting to see how Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse adapts the Scorpion. He's clearly striking at a New York where the Kingpin is still in charge, so it's possible the crime bosses could be competing in a sort of gang war. If that's the case, Miles may well be glad to have some backup at his side.


Another major threat to the wall-crawlers, the pale-skinned Tombstone has superhuman strength and durability, and he doesn't mind using his fists to pummel enemies into submission. Although Tombstone has the ambition to be a crime boss in his own right, he's a realist, and usually winds up carefully negotiating with those whose strategic cunning outstrips his own. As a result, in the Ultimate Universe, he wound up becoming the Kingpin's second-in-command. Here, though, he's backing up Scorpion.

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The Chameleon

Into The Spider-Verse comic

Those are the main villains, but there are references to a number of different bad guys too. Take, for example, the comic book cover briefly seen in the animation. This is Amazing Spider-Man #186 (in the movie changed to be "True Life Tales of Spider-Man), and it was a key turning point in the wall-crawler's life; it was the issue where New York began to accept and even celebrate Spider-Man. Unfortunately, the master of disguise known as the Chameleon was hired to cause problems; disguising himself as an old woman, the Chameleon tricked Spidey into attacking him publicly, once again damaging Spider-Man's reputation. Given the context of this image in the trailer, it's possible that in Peter's reality things went a little differently, and he managed to beat the Chameleon without tarnishing his reputation in the process.

Nightwatch, Hammerhead, and the Rose

Into The Spider-Verse Other Villains

There's one other key scene that shows a number of villains as well. Look closely at the scene introducing Spider-Ham; in the background there's a wall with a number of newspaper clippings webbed to it. These feature several of Spider-Man's foes, including the Kingpin. But additions and Nightwatch, Hammerhead, and the Rose. It's unclear whether or not these three enemies will appear in the film, or are just referenced in this scene as extended threats.

Nightwatch is an antihero from back in the '90s who got trapped in a time loop when he stumbled across an older version of himself who'd been killed by criminals. Stealing his future self's costume, an advanced outfit that granted super-powers such as invisibility, Nightwatch tried in vain to break the time-loop. He's a character who was only really developed in that decade, starring in his own short-lived series. Hammerhead is a Maggia hitman who got ambitious and tried to turn into a mob boss in his own right. His skull was shattered in a brawl, and replaced by solid steel; the villain's favorite trick is to charge head-first at his enemies. Hammerhead clearly had some sort of psychological issues even before he suffered his injuries, but the trauma exacerbated them.

The most interesting of these three characters is the Rose. In the comics, the Rose was the Kingpin's son, who faked his own death when his father's criminality became public knowledge. The Rose and the Kingpin have a strange, ambiguous relationship; Richard Fisk envies his father's criminal empire, and at times he's attempted to take it over. He became an alcoholic, and attempted one last assassination attempt upon his father. That led his mother, Vanessa, to visit him - and kill him, bringing a tragic end to the Rose's story.

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