Every Spider-Man Villain Confirmed For Into The Spider-Verse (So Far)

Spider-Man Villains Into The Spider-Verse

The second trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has revealed that the many wall-crawlers will be taking on a whole host of villains. It makes sense; six heroes means the bad guys need to have a lot of muscle to truly be a threat, especially when one of the Spiders is as experienced as Peter Parker.

But these Spider-Man villains look set to be different to anything we've seen on the big screen before. They all appear to be lifted from the Ultimate Comics universe, meaning these are modernized and updated versions. That's particularly notable with the Green Goblin and Scorpion, but look closely at the other designs and you find hints that they're from the Ultimate Universe too. It makes sense; the film predominantly seems to be set in Miles Morales's reality, and these are all the bad guys he fights.

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The latest trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse revealed six key villains, but there could easily be even more. Here's your guide to all the spectacular foes of Spider-Man who are confirmed to appear in this film; voice actors haven't been confirmed for many of these roles, but where they have been we'll call them out.

The Kingpin

Into The Spider-Verse Kingpin

In the Ultimate Universe, Kingpin is the head of New York's corporate crime, a ruthless businessman who has no qualms about killing those who get in his way. Director Bob Persichetti has teased that this film will lean a little more towards the Kingpin we've seen in the popular Marvel Netflix shows, though, and he seems delighted with voice actor Liev Schreiber's performance. As he explained:

"He's a philanthropist and bad guy. Liev has brought a lot of his strength and power that that guy has as an actor to that character. And we have a lot of fun just representing in the visual world that we have, we get to really push design and we have enjoyed pushing Kingpin's design I think to the limit of right on the cusp, he's a strong believable character but he's also this beautiful, graphic black hole. You know. We kinda went out on a limb and I think it actually turned out successful."

The trailer suggests that Kingpin may well be the main villain, the man who's sponsored dangerous experiments that risk destroying the entire Multiverse. It's unclear quite why Kingpin is funding interdimensional experiments, but the idea could well be lifted from the Spider-Women crossover event. There, a corrupt company traveled between the dimensions and plundered advanced technology so they could patent it in their own reality and profit from it. That could be Kingpin's motive in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

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The Green Goblin

Into The Spider-Verse Green Golbin

It seems reasonable to assume that the Green Goblin will be another of the major villains, give that he features prominently in the trailer. The Ultimate version of the Green Goblin is unlike anything we've previously seen developed in the Spider-Man films, meaning this should be something tremendously fresh to viewers. This iteration of Norman Osborn is a corrupt businessman and scientist whose experiments with genetic mutation actually lead to the creation of his reality's Spider-Man. Thoroughly insane, Osborn then conducted illegal experiments upon himself that went badly wrong; he was transformed into a hideous, goblin-like monster. Known by the public as the Green Goblin, the villain has plagued Spider-Man's life - and was even responsible for the death of Peter Parker.

The Ultimate Goblin is an absolute powerhouse, a monstrous being who can go toe-to-toe with any version of Spider-Man. In addition to having basic superhuman strength, speed, and durability, he's also a minor pyrokinetic; the Goblin can summon devastating fireballs that incinerate his foes. Some arcs have seen the Goblin change in size, becoming a monstrous behemoth who delights in causing as much damage as possible, and it looks as though we'll see that happen in the film.

The addition of the Ultimate Green Goblin is an exciting one, and promises to mark Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as a unique movie. It's unclear whether this version of the Goblin has experience killing a wall-crawler - a tombstone in the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse teaser trailer suggests possibly - but regardless, the presence of multiple Spider-Men in the city will be so very tempting to him.


Into The Spider-Verse Alchemex

Look closely at the trailer, and you'll spot that one scene shows Peter Parker and Miles Morales carrying a case marked with the Alchemax logo. This is one major divergence from the Ultimate Universe canon, but that may well be because it's crucial to the plot. Alchemax was created by Peter David as a corrupt corporation who essentially ruled the future world of 2099; they were always interested in time-travel and other dimensions, so it's no surprise seeing Alchemax involved in a multi-universe story like this. Their experiments also tend to go catastrophically wrong.

This may serve as an important connection between the two major villains, the Kingpin and the Green Goblin. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse clearly envisions Kingpin as a ruthless businessman who has his hooks in countless companies, presumably including Alchemax. Meanwhile, in the mainstream comics, Alchemax was founded by Norman Osborn's daughter-in-law, and he even infiltrated it and tried to take it over.

Doctor Octopus

Into The Spider-Verse Doc Ock

The Ultimate version of Doctor Octopus is younger than his traditional comic book counterpart, and was originally an industrial spy at Oscorp. He was caught in the same lab accident that transformed Norman Osborn into the Green Goblin; as a result, the nanobot arms he was using at the time were fused to his body. Because these arms are nanobots, Doctor Octopus can reform them at will into a wide variety of different tools. The Doctor Octopus of the Ultimate Universe is even more dangerous than the classic version, in large part because he's infinitely more intelligent. He's mastered countless avenues of science without any difficulty at all, and was even responsible for the Ultimate Clone Saga.

It's not clear how important a role Doctor Octopus will play in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, nor whether he'll be a primary villain or more of a sidekick - so far he's only appeared in a Peter Parker flashback. If Otto is important, he could conceivably be an ally of the Green Goblin's, or even be one of Alchemax's scientists, involved in wreaking interdimensional havoc.

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The Prowler

All the best Spider-Man foes have a personal connection to the wall-crawler, and as such the Prowler is probably Miles Morales' most important villain. After all, he's also his uncle, and was the one who unwittingly stole a genetically-enhanced spider that gave his nephew a bite. Aaron Davis is a terrifying foe, not least because he deduced Miles's secret identity. He's greedy, power-hungry, and manipulative, and doesn't balk at committing murder. In spite of all that, though, he still loves Miles; that's led to one of the most fascinating character dynamics in recent comics.

The Prowler's role in the film is something of a mystery, but it looks as though he conducts some sort of industrial espionage - possibly one that leads to a chase-scene if the later shot of a character on a bike obscured by light is anything to go by. It's been teased that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is something of a family affair for Miles, so that suggests that Arron could be an important villain. He's voiced by Mahershala Ali.

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