Hulu Renews Into the Dark for Season 2

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Hulu’s Into The Dark has been renewed for a second season. The anthology series was rumored to be renewed in June and now fans have confirmed that more holiday-centric horror will be coming their way.

Premiering in October of last year, fittingly during the month of Halloween, Into The Dark is a Blumhouse production which follows a simple premise: each installment of the show is influenced by the most prominent holiday of the month it’s released in. The Halloween episode, about an increasingly frustrated hitman, relied heavily on people in costume. In "Pooka", released in December, Christmas brings back painful memories but also signals the possibility of new beginnings. Though the holidays change, along with the characters and the setting, the element of fear remains constant. With its first batch of episodes, Into The Dark explored issues controlling parents, toxic friendships, xenophobia in the presentation of a tense thriller. Given its endlessly renewable format, Hulu seems to agree that the anthology is only just beginning.

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According to Vulture, the streaming service has nine more episodes of the show. In addition to the fifteen it had previously ordered, this would mean Into The Dark would remain in production until September 2020. Marci Wiseman and Jeremy Gold, Blumhouse TV’s co-presidents, said that the series was successful enough with audiences to warrant a second go around. Another probable factor playing into the decision is that despite how Into The Dark may resemble a TV movie, particularly with its running time, it’s produced closer to an episode of TV. It’s shot in three weeks, without needing a lot of space for editing.

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Wiseman teased how, in the second season, there would be the possibility of sequels for characters that have become fan favorites. Wiseman didn’t elaborate on how this might work, though many of the show’s offerings so far could easily be revisited. "New Year, New You" concluded with the final girl arriving at an end which was both happy and a little twisted. Arguably one of Into The Dark’s best-reviewed episodes among critics, it would make sense to revisit the scenario in some way.

Whichever way the show chooses to move forward, the biggest hope among viewers is for more consistency. Anthologies, even a classic like The Twilight Zone, had frequent fluctuations in quality. But Into The Dark is especially guilty in this regard. Reviews of the first season frequently cited the same complaints: about how the show was more reliably an action thriller than a horror and that the stories, while often stemming from a worthy message, weren’t always exciting to watch. A new patch of episodes for the Blumhouse production means the chance to start fresh.

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Source: Vulture

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